Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more


We were adolescent kids, so not quite drunk, but this is true. No one bothered to get multitaps and extra controllers for other consoles. Most of us didn’t have computers, much less ones that could competently handle 3D multiplayer games. The N64 was the quickest and easiest way to get multiplayer matches going, whether it was a FPS, racing, wrestling or Bomberman game.


Okay, I forgot I really liked that game. So much so I bought the Wii game. Thank you for reminding me


This is exactly why I came to love the N64 in the end. Even now my buddies and I all have high end gaming PC’s but we recently got together for some Rocket League and we just all played on switch. It’s fast and oh so convenient even if it does look like a DS game!


Even though the drinking age here is 19 I was still drinking underage at friends’ houses. Even when I turned 19 we still had a couple in the group that were 2 years younger. GoldenEye/Perfect Dark, Mario Kart, WCW games, Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move were all fun as hell as a group back then. I used to joke that I became better at Mario Kart when I was drunk to fuck with people into thinking I’d be dumb enough to drink and drive.


College was part N64 part Xbox for me. Xbox was clearly the better experience. I enjoyed Mario Kart but when we’d have halo parties it felt amazing at the time. Especially when we had a lan set up.


My friends and I have a bro weekend every year where we rent a big house and hang out. Eat, drink, play games, watch movies etc. Halo is an integral part of these gatherings. The main activity.


Uh… that’s sounds awesome!


Oh it is! Can’t wait for this year’s gathering!


If they could figure out how to do shaders on something like the OSSC without any added lag that would be ridiculous. Some of the retro CRT shaders in Retroarch are fucking amazing.


I use CRT-Royale Kurozumi for almost everything. I remember joining Shmups just to thank the dude because I was trying to do the same thing at the time and having a lot of trouble figuring out what all the settings did. Basic scanlines get you most of the way there, but CRTs have such a complex and fundamentally different sort of picture than fixed-pixel displays.


My UltraHDMI board just got shipped! :smiley:

Will arrive next week. Can’t wait to install it. It’ll leave only my Sega consoles as ones without a true native hdmi or FPGA option.


Somebody talk to me about JVC I’Art consumer CRTs.

Also, did we talk about having a dedicated thread for consumer CRTs? Seems like we should given the level of niche granularity we get into on this forum. I can take a stab at it but I think others know a lot more than I do…


I don’t have the exact specs on the i’art but I’ve heard many times the D series are superior.

I had planned on doing a CRT thread but I’ve recently been playing everything on my ossc so ive lost motivation lol





Firmware 4.3 is up!

  • Fixed Front Mission - Gun Hazard. This game did mid-frame HDMA enables and disables. Pocky and Rocky should be fixed too with this since it does that as well.

  • Fixed Ninja Warriors

  • Re-fixed the Mecarobot Golf fix, this should fix several random crashes.

  • Fixed Uniracers 2 player mode, where player 2 hovered above the track.

  • Partial fix on Front Mission - bottom of text box no longer moves, but the text sometimes does.

  • Added individual RGB gamma sliders.

  • Added “straight through” RGB when not using HQX scalers; this should fix the RGB issues people had. These are under the “scanlines” menu.

  • Linearized the brightness steps for the overall screen brightness (PPU reg 2100 bits 0-3).

  • Added limited RGB mode checkbox. This is under the “scalers” menu. Also now I am sending out “underscan” flags, and “IT content” flags which should force some monitors/TVs to disable overscan, and any filtering/processing (IT mode).

  • Super Powerpak fixed - check “use launch system timing” box under the hardware menu if you wish to use one.

Edit: Fixed my overscan issue.


aw fuck yeaaaah. downloading now

I’ll be comparing the new colour ranges to my OSSC/SFC Jr


Any thoughts or impressions on Sanyo consumer CRTs? Spotted a DS32225 locally, made in 2005. Anyone had something similar? Seemed fairly compact depth-wise compared to some of the monster 32inchers out there.


Posted in the pickup thread, but my ultraHDMI board arrived today! Installation was really simple and quite quick. Didn’t have any issue with the soldering at all, which makes me think maybe I should have bought more than one board and built others to sell…ah well

just for scale…

bit of kapton tape to stop the ribbon from moving

soldered! took mere seconds, just used plenty of flux and a tiiiiiny bit of solder. Power supplies hooked up, and controller input wired near the front right.

it works! part of the setup menu

Mini HDMI socket (I use a mini hdmi - hdmi cable)

Installed it into an NTSC JP console (the one which arrived with cracked casing…) which I then put into a mint condition PAL shell.

It’s really quite good.


I am trying to sort something out here. I thought maybe I would hit up the community here.

I have the gsscartsw. I also bought this adapter that pass component signal through my switch. so I can feed everything through one line. I use the XRGB and the OSSC for scaling to a HDTV. I use the 2nd output from the gsscartsw to feed to my scaler.

Now, I have a few component devices (Gamecube, PS2, PSP 3000, Wii & I might get an XBOX)

Since I have space on my GSSCARTSW I am leaning on modding my PS2 w/ CSYNC so I can do RGsB to take advantage of my 20L5’s 480p. I was also thinking about getting the BKM-129X (going from memory here) to route my component stuff but I am fine with routing it through my adapter.

My problem with this setup is that something in the chain is causing problems. It could be the amazon component cables or the scart cable i bought off amazon until i could get a properly shielded one made. Its hard to know what the problem is because i use the D-Sub to feed the signal to my 20L5 with no issues (except that component tends to be dimmer than my RGB or vice versa).

I know if I do the PS2 mod I am going to be able to attach the scart to my chain but if I go with the component route, I am going to need to split the audio in two to feed the component audio to the OSSC.

I am up for suggestions because I am not exactly happy with the way its going and I know I am going to have to buy 2 new shielded scart cables and 1 new shielded component cable if i keep it this way or 1 good shielded scart cable, an audio splitter if i go with the BKM-129x purchase.

My gut says convert everything i can to scart but I know I can’t do that with Wii & Gamecube but I haven’t looked into XBOX.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


This probably isn’t what you want to hear but:

Just get a Component switch and make your life easy. Couple it with a small BNC matrix switch to toggle between component and SCART and make your life even easier. There’s no reason to jump through so many hoops to get everything in one format when your 20L5 accepts both.

That’s just my 2 cents. It’s how I have everything set up with my 20L5 and I couldn’t be happier. And leave your PS2 in Component while you’re at it. There’s really no reason not to. And it gives you access to 480p for the rare games that support it without needing to mod.

Basically have a SCART switch (which you already have) plus a component switch (a $30 investment) and then a BNC switch to toggle between both SCART and component (probably another $40 investment). It’s the simplest way to handle everything.