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I just started looking into this myself for my Extron set up. I don’t actually NEED to run audio through my crosspoint but I want to try it out anyway. There’s a great thread over at the shmups form on exactly how to wire your own. Seems really simple to do. In fact my audio cables to try this out with arrived last week. I’ll report back on how wiring these goes.

Phoenix Wiring


Awesome, thanks for the excellent info. My biggest concern there is added input lag. Do you know if anyone has tried one of these out for gaming?


FYI - I just got off the phone with a Regional Accounts Manager at Extron. They stated that they would be more than happy take a credit card order for any parts such as the Phoenix connectors and adapter cables. It would seem that one could simply reach out to them to obtain parts and service for their products despite what I found was a belief to the contrary.


That’s great to know! Please let us know how doing business with them goes. Also curious how much the pre-made cables run.


Sadly I have already sourced the parts I need so that I can assemble my own so I will probably never find that out.


Ha! I’m in the exact same boat. My crosspoint actually came with phoenix connectors that were wired. The wires had just been cut. I could actually just splice my standard RCA cables to the clipped ones.


I’m not sure what you are trying to do but I think you will want to remove the existing cabling from the Phoenix connectors and install new cabling rather than attempt spice to your adapter to the existing cabling but. I believe that it should be very easy to make your own RCA cables for these but I will post my findings when all of my parts arrive. I am going to be making what Extron calls a “CSR 6” cable.


Yep, I’m doing the exact same thing. I just meant that if I didn’t want to redo the wiring on the phoenix connectors themselves could simply splice my RCA cable into the cut RCA cable that is currently wired into the connectors.


Does anyone know if this component switch is any good?


Yes, I have one and it’s great!


I think @CouryC had an issue with his, i really don’t remember because it was referenced in a stream chat so I am not 100% sure what it was that he took issue with. I trust your opinion though. How long have you had it?


Only since January, but I’ve found it really great. Maybe Coury can comment on the issues he had and I can see if mine is the same. There might be things I haven’t noticed yet. I also haven’t used it a ton because the monitor I was using it with died, but I can test some stuff for you if need be.


Yeah, both Try and I have that one. I think its really good, and I still use it.

The one I had issues with was the 3x5. I had a lot of video glitches, for lack of a better term. It was a noise on the screen when something was flashing - like if you pick up the kickable squares in Mario World. I stopped using the thing except for audio because of that.


I am on the fence here. I have a gscompswitch. It works fine but the issue I have with it, it only has one output. If I buy a new card for my PVM (BKM-129x) its about $200 and I will be able to feed the video output from my monitor to my OSSC. The only issue I have at that point is I would have to split the audio signal. I was thinking about getting those RCA 1 to 2 y adapters and just routing 1 stereo pair to my speakers and the other to my OSSC. Unless someone has a better way to split the stereo signal. Why on earth does Nintendo not put toslink audio output on anything? I wouldn’t even need to route the 2nd signal.