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AFAIK, it’s all superguns that have/had the potential to fry the gscart with raw un-attenuated audio. The Windy problem was that the audio attenuation switch was previously not labeled in such a way where it was clear when it was on or not, and the easy access made it trivial to flip to the wrong setting.


And upon further reading it seems the added protection is for making sure you don’t fry the gscartsw if things are “wrong”. If it helps the supergun work with it would just be a side effect and not for sure.


Does anyone think 8 inch pvms are worth it for NES titles? I have a 20 inch but want something smaller. The 14 inches are all too overpriced but I’m sure I can get an 8 inch with component for around $50 if I look around enough.

Edit:I also play a lot of ps1 Saturn and snes titles and was thinking it might make them look a lot cleaner from the smaller size


Honestly, no. It’s just too small. Getting it to be eye level at such a close distance to be playable will make it just not worth your time.

Remember, things get exponentially larger/smaller as you jump in screen size because that is a diagonal measurement. Here’s a comparison between 8 and 14 inches:

Sorry for the poor quality.

14 is really the smallest you’ll want to go in my humble opinion.

Here is another one:


I agree that 8" is too small for general gaming. I’ve actually been considering getting a 5" for a project I’m tinkering with, but anything under 12" is more a novelty or only good for very specific uses like a test bench or portable set.

I would look for a decent 13-14" consumer CRT before jumping on a 9" set.


I’ve always thought the 8 inch sets would nice for GB or GBA if used full screen. It would be more of a novelty than anything, though.


@BarrelCannon 8" PVMs are too small. That’s why they’re still relatively cheap (actually I think they’re way overpriced for what you’re getting). Had one and it’s a nice novelty, but not good for any practical sort of gaming. Keep an eye out for a non-Sony CRT monitor.

@Radarscope1 Blown up to fit the full screen height? You’d get big, clean sprites and that wouldn’t be as bad as playing console games with fine detail, but the problem remains that the screen feels like it’s too far away, unless you do a special eye-level arrangement like @Peltz mentioned and sit up close. It’s not worth it!


I really want to grab a ~8" pvm for my project bench but people want $100+ dollars for them now. It’s ridiculous


I remember paying $50 for a 20m4u. And turning down another for $100. :c

I want to go back so badly.


That is probably the best use for one - just a test screen to make sure you’re getting solid video output.


Polymega announced.


Meh. Not for me. But I do like the chassis and physical design. Props to them.


It does PlayStation, Saturn, Neo Geo CD, TurboGrafx-CD and Sega CD??? Holy crap!


It’s all emulation right? I’m sure I could find that out by poking around their site/googling, but just from watching that video and the “user interface for installing and playing your games” makes me think it’s all emulation and it just rips whatever you put in it.


Yeah, I’m really not sure. The “pre-order” website is/was down so pretty low on info. Interested to see how it develops though.


Polymega is definitely a wait and see for me. It seems like a great one-stop solution, but I’m just not sold on it yet, especially at that price.

Also, there was an update on the RetroTink device this weekend. Here’s the text of the e-mail from Mike Chi. I ordered awhile back as noted in an earlier post in this thread…

Hi All!

I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and for those of you in the US, happy labor day weekend!

Thank you all for your patience and support. I know it sucks having to wait so long and very much appreciate your continued patience. Here’s the latest update: The parts I sent to China for assembly were finally released from customs. The factory has everything else lined up and should be able to finish assembling all of the units by early next week. Once that’s finished, they will ship the units back to me and I will test and get them to your hands.

I do apologize for how slow things are moving - clearing customs took far longer than usual, perhaps due to the ongoing trade war. Fingers crossed that there won’t be any holds importing the finished units back to the US. But everything is moving and in progress.

I will send another e-mail as soon as I have additional news.

Best Regards,



I’m not usually one for emulation-based consoles, but I am also intrigued by this one. Curious to see if it’s FPGA-based or strictly software-driven. It’s nice to see some consoles other than NES/SNES/Genesis get some support. I wonder how the Saturn emulation is? I stopped following it on the PC due to not having a gaming computer.


Yeah I’m not “against” emulation based consoles but gotta be more sure of their methods before giving a damn about them. I hope for FPGA since it really is the future.


Polymega has some seriously bold claims: perfect, lag-free gameplay for a number of consoles running on emulators developed in-house. The initial concept for this only came about in 2015. Were they really able to do all this so quickly and with better results than existing emulation software that’s been worked on for years? If it isn’t unique software, maybe at least it isn’t stolen work and they worked directly with the original devs to make tweaked versions of their software (hence the in-house remark).

It uses something called “hybrid emulation with FPGA” but is that a legitimate thing or marketing speak? The guys behind it worked for Imsomniac Games. I want to believe this thing works as well as they say, it certaily doesn’t come off as vaporware from some shady guys, but I wonder if maybe their claims are overstated.


Fascinating stuff if it’s all original tech. I’d be more willing to take a look if it’s genuinely doing all that is claimed.

But yea, I think it’s likely stolen or partly reused software we’ve seen before.