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Something that was probably already answered but I’m being lazy so spoon feed me. What is the benefit of a 4 layer board? Just the lower power draw, or is there some sort of visual/audio quality difference as well?


Supposedly sharper and I believe only the 4 layer boards can be modded with a WiiDual board.


Well dang. Was hoping I could just be happy with my near launch model. :c


I’ve heard it’s only a tiny bit sharper but not seen any pictures myself. Shank from BitBuilt forums was supposedly recording footage from all the revisions to do a comparison, not sure if he ever finished doing that. Did you plan on getting the WiiDual?


It is an option that I would like to be open to me even if it’s not something I had in my mind right away. Guess I’m in no rush though unless Wii prices suddenly start rising.


I don’t think a 4-layer board has an appreciably better picture (check out the latest MLiG video), but the option to have the WiiDual installed is the big draw for me. Even though I’ll never be able to do it myself.


Yeah the only reason I grabbed a 4 layer board was to eventually put a Wiidual in it.


I’ve tried so many ways to get 480i/p to look good on a fixed pixel display. I never like it. The image is always washed out. The Wiidual is me coming to terms in some ways. Polishing a turd is still polishing a turd.

However # 1 480p looks amazing if you have the right crt for it. However # 2 Dreamcast VGA 2x via the ossc looks great on my 4K.

WiiDual brings that PQ back from the cube and I really appreciate being able to hack my Wii so I can play Wii & GCN games off of a hard drive.


Any other (preferably US) source for these? I wired up some of my own but they’re touchy. I love the design of these with the Db board, I would just like to order them now and RGC seems to be out of input models.


Or an SD card since a while ago. I find the SD approach much more convenient, as there is less clutter. You can use any size card as long as it’s FAT32 formatted. Modding for the first time still requires a 2GB or smaller card.

I gave up and bought a native resolution 640x480 panel. But you’re limited in physical size with that approach, mine is 20"


sorry that this isn’t for retro AV but i couldn’t find the appropriate thread - just moved & having to use a mediocre HDTV for that respective content (still got the 32" trinotron with component for retro!) and i need a good/cheap HDMI switch since this set only has one slot - what do y’all recommend? amazon links are gud

*edit fuck did retro_console_accessories stop selling on ebay? pretty sure i need a new N64 RGB cable and i don’t know which one or which seller is solid, balls

#936 is her new site.

I used this one for a while. I need more inputs but it was pretty good at Auto switching. I got another one but I’m going to get rid of it asap.


cheers! makes sense, glad she did it - just trying to sort out which cable is right for my RGB modded 64 (i don’t know the details on it…)

also: got a link on a good component cable for original xbox?


I have searched long and hard for good Xbox component cables. If you have $50 or so, grab the Monster or OEM cables/HD AV Pack, they should work great.

I didn’t have that to spend on Xbox cables when I noticed some interference in my picture, but I found these Intec cables with good reviews on Amazon for $20 a couple days ago. I’ll post impressions here or in the Xbox thread when I get them in, but @Timu321 has had first hand experience with them.


I don’t know if you already saw/tried this but there is now an updated 4k/60Hz model of that switch:

As an aside, does anyone know of a good RGBs > Component Transcoder? I am thinking of getting the ShinyBow but I was hoping there would be some other options, preferably with BNC in rather than SCART.

Also, does anyone here use the Shinybow with a Crosspoint? I saw a Reddit thread where someone was having trouble getting it working, but they never got any helpful responses.


Wanted to note a fix for a problem I’ve been having.

I have a setup like this:
A bunch of component consoles ==> two 4x1 component switches connected together ==> OSSC ==> Samsung 4K TV

Somewhere along the way I was finding that sudden bright white screens were causing sync to drop out momentarily, with the red light showing up on the OSSC. I have seen this before with a PS2 directly connected to my TV so at first I assumed my TV having issues with component sources but seeing the OSSC blink made me think it was just the PS2 being weird.

I would see this problem with a concert DVD with strobe lights, then in Shadow Hearts the same thing happened, and I saw it again with some DVDs of my kid’s fav TV shows.

Then I saw it happening with my GameCube. Starting RE2 after the first menu you get the “RESIDENT EVIL” voice and it flashes to a white screen and it’s instant sync drop. Really easy to reproduce!

I managed to trace it back to my component switches. They are Monoprice component switches which I thought were fine but it seems that they must be attenuating the sync signal in the luma line just enough to cause problems.

After some digging I found that if I adjust the “Analog sync Vth” setting in the Sync Options menu in the OSSC down a bit I don’t get any more sync drops. Even just going from 123 mV to 101 mV was enough but I’m keeping it a bit further for now just to be on the safe side since this has really been bugging me.

Hope this helps someone else.


Good to know. I use a monoprice component switch and have mixed feelings about it. It does the job, but doesn’t feel very robustly built.


I have one as well ( The one MLiG showed in a video) but I use it with a CRT and havn’t had any issues.

it sure does feel very light and flimsy though


I got the GScompsw and I’ve seen something similar too. I think there is something loose on my unit. Because if I touch the cable sometimes it will work right.


I was always perplexed by MLiG’s endorsement of that Monoprice Switch. I had one and I saw issues with mine (white screens making it go wild, loss of brightness/too much brightness) from the get go and returned it.

Extron makes a good 6x1 component switch, though it’s big. Pelican also made some great ones about 10 years ago. I’ve not tried the gcomp or Otaku switch but both seem sound.