Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more

Thank you, I’m glad!
If I can help and give you that final push into the 5X pit, ever since august my love and level of satisfaction with the RT grew to the point I

  • upgraded my ‘retro’ display to a 24" 1440p OLED monitor, to enjoy those 720p to the fullest (overkill much, but everything looks sooo much nicer, now)
  • cleaned up my RGB jungle with an RGC RetroTink 5X-Pro Manual SCART switch (I didn’t really feel the need of anything more elaborate/expensive than that)
  • swapped the standard remote with the newer premium model (I just ordered one, so I cannot offer you a direct feedback yet)

Easily my retro device of the year, even though I’m open to further step up to the 4K, at some point.

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I just recently discovered that the passive splitter I’ve been using in my video chain was basically halving the strength of my signal without a distributer amplifer. I got one of these Kramer 1:2 Component Video DA VM-2C | eBay and it considerably boosted the brightness on my 15khz CRT and even my PC CRT where I previously had to up the pre ADC gain setting on the OSSC considerably just to get a playable brightness.

Played some Bare Knuckle III on my MD2 - still my favourite beat’em up from that era - and took a couple of pics.

I love the RT5X so much… The new remote is a vast improvement over the stock one.