Retro AV |OT| RGB, CRTs, Upscalers, and more

Thank you, I’m glad!
If I can help and give you that final push into the 5X pit, ever since august my love and level of satisfaction with the RT grew to the point I

  • upgraded my ‘retro’ display to a 24" 1440p OLED monitor, to enjoy those 720p to the fullest (overkill much, but everything looks sooo much nicer, now)
  • cleaned up my RGB jungle with an RGC RetroTink 5X-Pro Manual SCART switch (I didn’t really feel the need of anything more elaborate/expensive than that)
  • swapped the standard remote with the newer premium model (I just ordered one, so I cannot offer you a direct feedback yet)

Easily my retro device of the year, even though I’m open to further step up to the 4K, at some point.

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I just recently discovered that the passive splitter I’ve been using in my video chain was basically halving the strength of my signal without a distributer amplifer. I got one of these Kramer 1:2 Component Video DA VM-2C | eBay and it considerably boosted the brightness on my 15khz CRT and even my PC CRT where I previously had to up the pre ADC gain setting on the OSSC considerably just to get a playable brightness.

Played some Bare Knuckle III on my MD2 - still my favourite beat’em up from that era - and took a couple of pics.

I love the RT5X so much… The new remote is a vast improvement over the stock one.


Could be a great option for component users

Edit, sorry just noticed the tweet and website preview text isn’t loading:

We present the ViperMS a modular YPbPr switch, allowing you to build a switch with as many inputs/ outputs as you like.
While we are not yet able to give you a release date, we wanted to give you a sneakpeak.


christ, i could really use something like that with scart rgb cables

the 8 plug automatic switch i was waiting on came out at $230, and the 8 port expansion is another $140.

i’m waiting to hear back from the guy who runs it on a bundle price option, because i really want a good automatic switch for my 10+ console setup, but $370 before shipping is a bit rich for my blood these days

HDMI input card for PVM’s :eyes:

If you’re looking to hook up 10 consoles, axunworks has one that is a bit cheaper that got good reviews.

Just make sure you watch a setup video on it. There are some settings that are off spec and it also supports/converts the JP21 format.

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Is anyone here aware of a device that could take a 1280x720@120hz hdmi input and make it a 1080p@120hz instead? Maybe a Tink 4k could but if anyone knows anything else please let me know lol

damn. this is tempting, and honestly it’d just leave me having to swap in neo geo or jaguar sometimes. i really wanted something to accommodate all 12 current scart cables, but this gets close for a lot less!

waiting to hear on the first options bundle just in case (i really like the idea of plugging & being done/no longer swapping and risking damaging pins, now that i have a house with a game room!) but this may still be the one i go with.

dumb question - i saw it had all the cable options, but it is an automatic switcher yeah?

Worth asking marqs directly if his OSSC Pro can, I’ve seen some talk about 120hz support but can’t remember the context. He’s around the Shmups and VGP forums regularly.

If I’m not mistaken, it is automatic when plugged in and manual when not plugged in. It’s really the best of both worlds (I’m a guy that prefers manual switching when possible).

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okok having not yet had a working auto one, what’s the drawbacks there? i was hoping to have it all plugged in above my big boi CRT, kinda drape a giant octorok plush in front & call it a day

None, I just enjoy the idea of one less thing drawing power from my outlets.

I’m going to need to see a picture of this octorok plush though.

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the SCART cables are all under their butt, a duty taken most seriously

I dig the maps. What’s the brown in the top middle?

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i love maps! had a fully complete starflight one for genesis up as a kid, miss that one

and that’s a plastcy/fabricy kinda fancy one that came with the big LE for breath of the wild, it’s cool

so while i’m sorting my scart switch options, it occurred to me that i have

(modded) 2600
famicom + FDS (av mod)

all of which i don’t really have any intention of further modding, so…what’s a good switch for composite, to not further lose the already questionable signal qualify?
i think my goal for this game room this year is mostly to get every console basically plug-and-play :joy:

I’ve had fine luck with basic, passive composite switches, or component switches which all should pass composite just as well. A cheap option would be something like the Monoprice 103027 component switch, which gives you more options should you ever need them.

Joytech or Pelican System Selector Pro are also good options if you can find them. You could always go super overkill with a gcomp.

Nearly the same energy would be to use a Crosspoint for everything.


It works thanks for the idea!

Not sure if anyone here is into Stereo 3D a whole lot like I am, I know this stuff is not exactly “retro” but maybe some of you are curious. I’ve been able to combine the OSSC Pro and a discontinued device called the HDFury 4 along with some old also discontinued active 3d glasses hardware/software to essentially jury rig my LG C1 into a nearly full fledged 3d display, previously I was able to do this with Nvidias 3D vision hardware and software but there are many limitations that come with that, now I can use any Side by Side or Top and Bottom 3d source up to 1080p, I’m very happy with the results. This is Elden Ring with SuperDepth3d through Reshade, downsampled from 4k


I wonder if you could emulate 3DS like this to have the 3D effect but at 1080p