RGB High Score Battle! - Week 55 & 56: Super Mario Bros. 3


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Really nice run @Sapiens I seem to mostly bounce too high off the last koopa unfortunately or splat down the hole.

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Thanks dude - I feel like 294 is in reach…if possible.

I should have had 293 already if not for jumping over the darn star box…
We are jumping at rather different points and obtaining P speed very differently.
Kind of want to frame compare our runs to see where we are each losing time.

Yeah I think 294 is possible after a quick compare.
I’m obtaining P speed a second earlier than you but you are making up time at the jump up to the clouds.

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Insane that you used the clouds. Shorthopping the last koopa is really you could do I think.


Wish i hadn’t posted up the video already giving Sapiens the chance to see what I was doing haha.
But yeah short hopping the turtle i find difficult as my muscle memory in Mario is to do the high jump off them.

Been considering if it wouldn’t be better to fall without jumping and then do 2 short jumps to the end instead of using the Koopa bounce.

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And I also watched your video again to fine tune it…


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Can’t imagine it being faster than this. It looks completely optimized now.

Nice job

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Wow, that is intense. Great run. :+1:

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This is my submission. Probably it for me. I’ve been trying and trying to do that turtle hop into clouds but I can’t do it.

Yeah the best I could get was 285. Tony tried for one hour and got 293. I was upset

Had a bit of time before work this morning and tried a few slight changes to where I jump:


Nice! Welcome to club 294!

Will anyone else join?

Full 10 points for anyone that ties for first place!

Well, I finally got around to putting some time into this one. It wasn’t that hard when you have so much speedrunning around the game to look at. I think it took about 30 minutes of attempts to get the 294.


Also, feels so good seeing my name on numba 1 again. So good.

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Considering you were the first to get the 294, you get to choose the next game.

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Quite interesting that we all get 294 with slight differences.

I tend to always have to abuse turn back to get higher jump to get up to the clouds due to the turtles position when I get there at best pace, which in turn loses the time gained so not really beneficial.

Okay, let’s do Saturn Daytona USA - Arcade Mode, Beginner Race with default difficulty, and default 8 laps and see who gets the best time.

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Awesome, I’ll set it up tonight