Saturn Shinobi Soundtracks - NTSC vs PAL

Sonic CD’s regional soundtrack variation still gets talked about but Shinobi Legions/Shinobi X’s not so much.

Which do you prefer?

Shin Shinobi Den and Shinobi Legions (NTSC regions)

Shinobi X (PAL regions)

I love both soundtracks but overall I give the edge to the PAL version despite having experienced the NTSC one many years earlier. I still prefer stage 7-1 harbour music in Legions, though.

I’ve only ever played the PAL one, I didn’t know the original soundtrack was different.

That said, damn that NTSC title screen music is terrible! What where they thinking? I’s something I would have expected from a blue sky racing game, not a mysterious ninja platform game.

I meant to link the whole playlists but I guess it just goes to the first tracks.

I can browse the full playlist without a problem here