Sega 8-bit (SG1000 to Master System) |OT| - Taking it to Mark III


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Ooh I get it! it wasn’t my last post being replied to!

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I was just reading through this thread and saw this conversation between us again… I had forgotten about it.

… And this gives me as good a reason as any to revive this thread.

One thing I did manage to get lucky on was a copy of Ultima IV. I’m pretty certain I posted it in the pick up thread, but I tink it should be here too.

The cart isn’t in great shape, and it has no manual, but I only paid $10 CAD which is an absolute steal.


Just realised I never posted pics of my restored and cleaned up Black Stripe SG1000

Before (next to the Famicom model that launched the same day)



Sexy! That looks awesome… Jealous over here!


That SG-1000 looks so 80s futuristic. Love the design.


That Famicom is so white!


That’s my fully restored 1983 Fami.

SG1000 is slightly whiter in the same light if also restored

I didn’t want to risk anything with the black stripe edition, so didn’t blast it when cleaning/whitening.


I love seeing the red and blue next to each other; both accent colors on white hardware. The two companies have kind of kept those colors to date, Nintendo especially right now with the Switch.


Hoo boy… you just made me think Nintendo will eventually release a Famicom Edition Switch! Imagine the looks and the possibilities of that?!



It’s kind of lame we’ll never get Sega stuff like that again. I guess I had my Mark IIIDS:


Those are cool! I didn’t even think about that. Those are the ones for Switch Online?

I think a fully Famicom designed Switch will eventually appear. Joycons in the right color. Chassis in the original white with red accents. That would look amazing.

And yeah… Sega stuff would be just as cool. I really hope the news they’re working on a new “Classic” console gives us something awesome.


Yeah they are indeed the ones I’ll be paying extreme prices on ebay for in December…


I’m still thinking about getting the NES ones. I think I’d rather use a more versatile controller, though, like the 8bitdo SNES ones. I’m just not quite a crazy enough collector to buy them just to have. Then again, you have to think the resale value might shoot up quickly and if that happens then … yeah, I’ll want them just because they’re harder to get!


The gaming market has changed and grown so much since they made hardware, I kind of feel like they could take a second shot at it. Would be interesting to see them come out with a really nice hand held or something to get the ball rolling.

A man can dream.


It wouldn’t sell. Sega just isn’t as talented as they once were and would not have enough 1st party content to sell the thing.

Sonic and Yakuza games are all they make these days. And they no longer have a hardware division. It’s never happening. The Sega we grew up with really doesn’t exist anymore.


Yeah, that’s so very true. Their greats have been spread via the winds like dandelion seeds. I think we should all feel fortunate that Nintendo has managed to keep so much talent in house so that their output today matches their output even from the very start. They’re really all that’s left.


I agree with you there. Nintendo has had some insane consistency.