Mega Drive/Genesis Mini - Sept 19th - M2 emulation/6 Button Pad/Yuzo Koshiro

Sega ticking a lot of boxes. I dare to get hyped

Price with a single pad 6,980 yen (about $60) with two pads coming in at 8,980 yen (about $80). It’s a “full sized 6 button pad” but not sure if that means the smaller JPN model or the larger NTSC/PAL.

M2 doing emulation means Sega is trying to make this a decent product and I hope it’s a big hit for them but I wonder if the more mainstream market is burned by their previous attempts.

Can’t wait to hear the Yuzo Koshiro music menu!

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Yuzo is a nice touch, but really it’s the M2 and Castlevania that sets this one apart. Finally SEGA is putting some care into these mini systems.

I really hope we get Rocket Knight and Hard Corp too. Those were never released in any retro compilation either.

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Would love for those games to be included.

Never to late to start taking care of your brand and legacy, hope this how Sega treats all their future retro endeavours.

Wait so the Western versions have the 3 button pads? What bonehead decision is this?

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Aren’t most games 3-button games though?

I’m cautiously optimistic about this release. M2 is basically a seal of emulation quality. But the controllers and everything else has to be good too.

Yes. But I just prefer the 6 button Genny Pad. Not a deal breaker, just strange they went with the six button pad for Japan but are doing the 3 button pad in the West.

These are my thoughts as well. So happy with everything announced about it and just waiting for the other shoe to drop…

…well I guess if that is the only downside, it’s not like we can’t get 6 button pads elsewhere.

Now to hope for it to be hackable.

Confession time: I never used the 6 button Gennie pad before :face_with_hand_over_mouth::sweat:

I even grew up with SFII:CE and just played it with a 3 button pad. I totally blame that pad for still being abysmal at 2D fighters today. (Definitely not my total lack of coordination or anything)

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Wow lol. I never played SFII on the Genesis. How did they get the extra button inputs to work? I know the PC Engine also had SFII as well.

It’s quite interesting. To add extra buttons to the simple Switch of the SG1000/Mark III/Master System pads (which simply grounded lines) they added a multiplexer. The signals are backward/forward compatible for the cardinals and B/C (I/II on SG/M3/MS), but use a combo two signals multiplexed to run Start and A.

Then for the six button pad they added another switcher, but this one is controlled by a signal from the console.

It’s quite funny how, like the console tech (MD is a Mark III + extras which is a SG1000 + extras), the controller tech was layered on top of the previous tech.


Start button “switches” the buttons from punches to kicks.

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Good news. They’re finally coming up to the standard set by others. Great to see Bloodlines on there.

Someone in ERA brought up a good point about the six button pads. SEGA probably doesn’t want to encroach on the officially licensed 3rd party stuff out there. They are excellent I heard.

It is official so SEGA makes licensing money on those anyway.

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Yeah if the new retro-bit controllers are compatible, I’ll pick up a couple of them for this system.

Anyway, after getting so much use out of my NES/SNES classics, I am really excited for this. I’ll pick one up on launch day and shed a tear if it sucks.

I have faith his time, though. Sega seems to be pulling its head out of its ass lately.

I’m gonna wanna put my little crt with big systems hooked up to it next to my big tv with the little systems hooked up it it.

and then not play a god damn thing…




I preordered it from Best Buy Canada today. $100 CAD + tax.
I’ll be getting a Japanese one also as soon as Amazon JP puts it up.

This post is too perfect :joy: