Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


That’s cool! Alot of ntsc consoles are identical between Japanese and NA with just a jumper or easy change needed to switch between the two.

I remember a buddy and I downloading Congo, burning it to a cd and spending an entire day trying to get the swap method to work. We were so ecstatic when we finally got it working but our joy quickly turned to dissapointment when we learned just how bad Congo fucking sucks. To this day it’s still our bench mark for a game. Like “yeah mass effect Andromeda was terrible but it’s not as bad as Congo”


@StevieWhite No back-up support, it only changes the region of the discs the system will boot. Although I’m sure I could’ve installed a switch or something, I went with the ‘nuclear solution’ of going full JP-boot mode, lol. (At the time, I had ZERO understanding of electronics, and was just hoping that the random mod FAQ I sourced wasn’t going to lead me astray…)

@Socksfelloff I hear you. That was my experience with DBZ Legends for the Saturn which I bought after said modification. It was so bad. I bought it new from Babbage’s (Pre-'Electronics Boutique, which itself was pre-‘EB Games’) and returned it later that day for Metal Slug – which I still have to this day!


I remember Babbages! I never had a Saturn growing up but I remember being in a Kmart when they were closing and I remember looking at all the Saturn games on clearance and thinking to myself “who would buy this garbage, Saturn sucks”

Now I wonder how much money I could have made in 2018 Saturn dollars


I think you made the right choice.

(also, you hit me in the feels with that Babbages reference)


It’s here!


@Dark1x, great video… I had no idea there were two PC versions of Panzer Dragoon. And a PS2 version :flushed: Super informative as always!


Awesome video as always from DF Retro.


Never knew it was on the PS2. Crazy!


I remember the PS2 release causing a stir because it never made it to the US. This is a series that seems like a no brainer return to for SEGA. Shooter or RPG… wouldn’t matter at all really… just take us back to that place.


It’s a shame that all the Sega Ages 2500 series stayed in Japan, I’m still pissed that I never got to play the Fantasy Zone Complete Collection.


Many of the Sega 2500 series are awful though. I own about 20 of them. It wasn’t until M2 jumped in did the quality become acceptable.


Just started playing Battle Garega. I’m no shooter pro, but this game is great. Makes you feel like you are doing absolutely awesome until you fail, ha.


So i am buying a rgb cable today I think the best bet is sync on luma right?


Burning Rangers has actual bgm and not just ambience right?


I think so. I’ll put my copy in tonight and find out.


Bosses all have BGM, the railshooter sub-level has BGM, and there are a few brief music cues that trigger during in-game plot points. Otherwise, it’s mostly ambient noise.


Thats not too bad i guess. Got a bonus, shaving off a lil bit for Burning Rangers.

On that note, think anyone would trade elevator action returns, blast wind, or battle garegga for ntsc dragon force? Or is that too lopsided on the rare scale?


I need to get this game someday.


So… one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to purchase Panzer Dragoon Saga for Sega Saturn in 2018. I didn’t look at prices before I made this choice. It’s now $450 and up. I was thinking it was still going for around $300. sigh

The import is $30 or less. I have no ability to read or speak Japanese. Is this an RPG that’s still friendly to a play through without the language knowledge? Would there be a legal way to get the import and play it in english? I’m open to ideas here, although I may still spring for the US version sometime this summer. I think it would be the most expensive single game in my collection if I did. I do own MUSHA which is creeping up there too.


I wouldn’t recommend it. I plan on playing through the Japanese version next time but that’s only because I had the English version for several years and played through it multiple times.