Sega Saturn |OT| - Playin' Saturn each day keeps Segata away!


Release Dates:

Nov. 22, 1994 (JP)
May 11, 1995 (NA)
July 8, 1995 (EU)

Units Sold: 9.26 million

Bestsellers (Japan):

  1. Virtua Fighter 2 (1,703,000 units)
  2. Sega Rally Championship (776,000 units)
  3. Virtua Fighter (771,000 units)
  4. Virtua Cop (629,000 units)
  5. Fighters Megamix (619,000 units)
  6. Sakura Wars (558,000 units)
  7. Daytona USA (557,000 units)
  8. Super Robot Wars F (548,700 units)
  9. Super Robot Wars F: Final Edition (548,200 units)
  10. Sakura Wars 2 (535,000 units)

Questions & Answers:

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RGB OT's Mega Thead

Dude! Great job on the OT! I dig the formatting.

I can’t belive only one game broke 1mil in Japan thats very surprising!


Thanks. I’ll continue building upon it as time permits. I just want to get the topic started so people can finally begin discussion. :slight_smile:


Thank you for writing this! I have a very VERY small Saturn collection - Nights Into Dreams, Panzer Dragoon, and Layer Section. That’s it so far.

But this is the system I want to buy games for more than any other. My wishlist is:

Guardian Heroes
House of the Dead
Virtual Cop 1 and 2
Radian Silvergun
Metal Slug (because I’m crazy and need every version of this game)
Panzer Dragoon Zweii and Saga

So… basically, I’m saying I want to be broke.


Some Saturn love from me:





What an appropriate member to make the Saturn OT. :3


I didn’t realize you had such a huge Saturn channel on YouTube. Looks cool. I’ll check it out!


One of my favourites too. Love his game choices, when it comes to both single highlights or thematic series.


You can save quite a bit of money on a few of those if you buy the Japanese versions. House of the Dead and the Virtua Cop games still retain all of their English dialogue. Panzer Dragoon Zwei is only a shooter. You really don’t need to know the story. Guardian Heroes has branching paths, but you can follow guides on GameFAQs to get to the one you want. That or if you have a 360 or Xbox One, you can buy the excellent HD remake, which improves on just about every aspect of the original game.


Are the light guns region free?


My top Saturn games:

  • Street Fighter Zero 2 - I would murder many people for a 4MB supporting version with no load times. Arcade music sucks compared the the remix! Almost certainly my second most played game ever after 3rd Strike (Splatoon 2 is likely to overtake these finally!)
  • King of Fighters 97 (load times, but improves sound over NG)
  • Sega Rally
  • DoDonPachi - yeah PS1 is better in some ways, but I had the Saturn copy for many more years. Also in Tate they’re much more equal and I like the extras and pixely explosions
  • Sexy Parodius - best cute-em-up ever
  • Salamander Deluxe Pack
  • Game Tengoku
  • Battle Garegga
  • Sengoku Blade - I love the art
  • Rabbit
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Vampire Saviour
  • Pocket Fighter - glorious silliness
  • Puzzle Fighter
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special - better sound again, also load times are fine
  • Puzzle Bobble 2X
  • Magical Drop 3
  • Samurai Sprits 4 - better sound again, also load times are fine
  • Dead or Alive - best looking Saturn game?
  • Marvel Vs Street Fighter - the best vs Game before it got stupid
  • Street Fighter Zero 3 - the game isn’t as good as 2, but this is the best version.


Yeah apart from PAL NES/SNES controllers and Japanese Mark III Paddles, I’ve never heard of region locked peripherals?


Saturn peripherals work across all regions.


finally got mine around 2012/2013, still have/play more games for it than any current gen machine.

said ti before, but: al l the things i didn’t dig/might’ve kept me away in the 90’s (sonic team on newer IP’s, the focus on bringing the arcade home vs AAA development, heavy part of the library being import etc) are many of the things i absolutely love about it now.


Hail to the king.


Great recommendations! Street Fighter Zero 2 has been in my Japanese Saturn for over a year. How does Sexy Parodius compare to the PSX version?


Awesome. I heard dreamcast light guns don’t work with games from a different region so I wanted to verify whether that was the case on SS too.


The Saturn and PSX ports of Sexy Parodius are identical.


Thanks for the information. Now I just need to track down a copy of the Saturn version.