Retro-Bit / Sega Making new MD/GEN, Saturn & Dreamcast accessories.

Everything I said before was bullshit. Please move on.

Accessories, not consoles.

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Yeah this is just going to be the stuff retrobit already make, just with an official badge on it.

I got it from another “news source” and didn’t read their press release. Sorry about that. I repeated their mistake.

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I’m all for some new Saturn and Genny controllers. High hopes for this.

I’d love to see some alternatives to the Dreamcast pad that aren’t hideous.

Specifically, I want a Saturn pad for the Dreamcast that is native and doesn’t cost $100 used.

I just bought (2) total control 3 adapters to use my Saturn pads on DC.

That sounds… expensive!

I thought it was reasonable.

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I bought (2) many years ago to use the hss-0130 on the DC. For some reason I thought they stopped producing these adapters years back.

Be curious to see how these turn out… Every once and a while, a third party controller comes around that is actually quite good. The Hyperkin 6-button Genesis/MD pad is a solid alternative to an OEM.

That price is not bad at all!

I was actually referring to those ASCII Dreamcast fighting pads in my initial post. They look awesome but are going from around $100 used right now. Hard pass.

I could always use some more Saturn and Dreamcast controllers. Thanks for the information!

There was a dude selling one of those on Kijiji for like 2+ years and he wanted 300 for it. Hell, it might still be there lol

I want them to manufacture some new stock of Sega CD hardware… that’s a peripheral, right?

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Retro-bit SEGA USB and Bluetooth Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast accessories revealed!

I see Bluetooth receiver adaptors for Genesis, Saturn and Dreamcast which are awesome!!

Images linked and courtesy of Sega Bits. More photos on their website

I want to belive! Retro bit doesn’t have the greatest reputation so I’ll reserve judgment for when these actually release.

Bluetooth recievers for gen/sat/DC would be great for alternative controllers though!

Those Saturn USB controllers (I have a grey one) are going for silly money. If these “new” ones are as good then they’re onto a winner.

At the very least we’ll have some new options for innards to cannibalize into real Sega hardware.

I’ve been tempted to buy a Hyperkin as my OG controllers aren’t in the best shape button wise (even after opening and cleaning). I’ve never played Genesis with a 6 button controller either. Both of mine are oG 3 button models. The price is decent too.