Star Fox Zero was a good game. I think it’s going to age well.


Don’t have much to add beyond the fact that I agree @Peltz. Was a fun game at the time and felt complaints regarding the controls to be overblown. Worth checking out if you can find it at a reasonable price (I haven’t ever opened my copy of Star Fox Guard though; wonder how it is?).


Guard is basically the same concept in a stationary tower defense type game. If you want a fun high score type thing, it fits the bill. But it’s nothing revelatory. I like it as a fun time waster.


8.5/10? That’s rather generous. I’d say its a very solid 7/10. It’s the kind of game that if bought on sale, many would be pleasantly surprised with, but if bought at full price, people would feel let down by. It was an above-mediocre game with a few ambitious, high-concepts that never fully landed. Perhaps the public was over-correcting through their criticism of Nintendo during the Wii U-era, or perhaps Nintendo was no longer benefiting from its brand-induced reality-distortion field.

People were tired of having the second screen shoe-horned in to games that didn’t need it, or were arguably better off without it. (Ironically, the Wii U version of BOTW seemed to have its second-screen functionality pulled from the game–which was a situation that would have really benefitted from it.) Utilizing the second screen in the capacity SFZ did was too disorienting in my experience. The differential in the resolutions and screen distances between the Gamepad and the TV screen, coupled with imagery that was too similar being displayed on both marred the overall experience.

I loved the art direction of Star Fox Zero, and was on board with many aspects of the game, but ultimately I cannot advocate for this game the same way I can for many other Wii U titles.