Stuck in Chrono Cross... could I get a vague, spoiler free hint?

Hi all,

I just met Radius on Hermit’s Hideaway and then defeated the invasion on the pirate ship and am trying to enter the Water Dragon’s Island all in the alternate reality to Surge’s.

That said, in the Water Dragon’s island, the water has dried up, and as I try to progress, I’m running into that strange orange barrier and cannot proceed. I don’t know how to get rid of it.

I’m not sure if there’s another area on the island that I can access that I’m just not seeing (some of the pre-rendered backrounds in this game have paths that are hard to identify) or if there’s some character I’m supposed to talk to that I have not yet encountered, but I’m totally stuck.

Can someone please give me a vague hint of where I should go?

This can work as a hint if you are on the wrong path, or just more information to see what you would need to do if you are on the right one. Which Water Dragon’s Island are you attempting to get into? There may seem to always be another way, but sometimes it’s best to return home.

Interesting. This is helpful, thanks.

Wait for a soul with a red crystal on Deborah cliff


So i think I need another spoiler-free hint. I progressed in the game and just completed the Dead Sea section where I ran into representations of Crono, Luca, and Marle as children and also fought that guy who disappeared with Serge’s father.

After killing him, I finally got back to “Another World” where Lynx (posing as serge) apparently started taking over the continent. But I’m stuck on what to do next. I went to Arni village but everyone is hiding out and a fella won’t let me into the Chief’s hut. And then I tried Termina and Viper’s manor but neither area seemed to progress the story.

Can someone give me another hint?

I think you are on the right path with Viper’s Manor, but I forget if the stuff there was sidequests or mandatory. Which btw there should be a bunch of random shit you can do around with getting character techs and what not. So yeah, check out viper’s manor again and if not that then I’m pretty sure it’s Dragon hunting time, but also think the story should have been clear about visiting them when you need to.