Which game are you trying to finish right now?

Currently on what is (I hope) the final 15 hours of Dragon Quest VII 3DS. Have really enjoyed the game (the often tragic vignettes/side stories and related before-and-after events can be really entertaining) but it’s ridiculously long with too many fetch quests, I’m ready to start a new RPG at this point. This is my second title in the DQ series, my first was DQ V on DS which I absolutely loved and is now tied with both Chrono Trigger and Earthbound for my all time favorite JRPG.

How about you? Any one game in particular that just keeps hanging on to your backlog that you’re beyond ready to complete?

I’ve actually just been avoiding playing anything while I wait for Odyssey. Though, I do need to finish up Yakuza Kiwami.

Just finished up the Witcher 3 and Super Metroid within the last few days. Gonna dig into Chomakaimura next.

Yeah, Odyssey will stop progress on other titles for sure, ha.

So many.

40+ hrs into Trails in the Sky FC. Nowhere near the climax yet.

Couple hours into Metroid: Samus Returns. Hasn’t hooked me yet like the classic 2D Metroids.

Got to the final boss in Under Defeat (DC) after unlocking unlimited credits but I’ll need to practice before I can beat this beast with 3 lives.

Ratchet and Clank PS4 is nearing completion too, but it’s on the backburner.

Evil Within 2, but that’s simply not going to happen with Mario and Wolf 2 coming out today…

Echo on PS4. It can get pretty hardcore with the stealth.

I’m like 300 hours into Breath of the Wild which I had to stop because of RL issues and am trying to get back into it again. But now I’ve wasted too much time and Mario is coming out and then I got all the stuff I missed. :c

Then there is the fact that I can’t seem to stop checking forums and now discord… :C

I just finished The Evil Within 2 last night, which was fantastic. Just in time for the big games tomorrow.

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I did a 120 star run of Mario Galaxy and am on star like … 20 or so on Galaxy 2. That all ends tomorrow night when I play Odyssey.

I doubt I’ll be playing much else for a while. As much as I love Zelda, Mario is like my videogame DNA.

Both SMG 1&2 are so good, Koizumi and Hayashida are master craftsmen in 3D platforming direction.

Get ready for Grandmaster Galaxy “Perfect Run” on SMG2 whenever you get around to clearing it. I beat it twice, two no hit runs: once on foot and once taking Yoshi through the entire stage (have to use the endless flutter glitch to get him past the parts he is not supposed to get by, makes the stage even more grueling).

I recommend keeping up with it… I had that reaction as well, ended up really enjoying it. I don’t think it’s Super Metroid or Prime, but then that’s an unfair comparison to almost any game. I think I prefer it to Zero Mission and Fusion.

I wish I’d gotten Under Defeat on DC when it first released. It and Border Down are so expensive now.

Final Fantasy VI on my Super Famicom, I’m probably 2/3. Never played it before and I’m loving it. Kind of understand FF7 better after playing it, I just understand where the music, dark atmosphere and style derives from if you get me. I’m not a huge FF player, but FFVI has really hit my nostalgia strings from FF7 without even having played it before!

Beautiful looking 16-bit game!

I am playing through the original Turok on the 64. I’ve had an itch to play it and I’m currently on level 7 The Lost Land. Hoping to finish it this weekend.

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I really wanted to finish South Park FbW today, but I ran into some auto-save glitch that made me lose 3 hours of progress. I couldn’t manually save either because the game was constantly trying to auto-save (which it wasn’t). When I restarted the game due to a freeze (yup, it’s a Ubisoft game alright) all my progress since my last manual save was gone. Now the game will have to wait until I’m done with Mario Odyssey.

I never played Turok 1 but I hear it’s a classic FPS (Foggy Person Shooter).

I’m having a hard time focusing on one game I keep bouncing between multiple games… I’m trying to just focus on Star Ocean: Until The End of Time on PS2.

I’ve been “finishing” The Red Star for the last couple of months. Slowly crawling thought the later levels. It became really hard for me mainly because it’s a linear game and you can’t max out the upgrade system (at least on the first run) nor relocate the points so if you put them in the wrong place it’s gonna get tough.

But I’m loving it nonetheless. I find it very unique with it’s combination of beat em up and shump. I wonder if the unfished xbox version has differences.

No shortage of fog in this game. I love the music, atmosphere and weapons in this game. Nostalgia plays a part for sure, but I enjoy it.