Sunsoft was such a great retro developer

From Batman NES, Return of the Joker, Gremlins 2, Uforia, Blaster Master, Return to Silius. They also did some decent stuff in the 16 bit era. Death Valley Rally was very fun.

What’s sad is that most of their stuff hasn’t been rereleased, licensing being a big issue. Their sound team was also outstanding and the pushed NES to its limits.

Anyone else love this old developer? What happened to them?

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I think Vic Ireland would be able to shed light.

They died because of a dodgy golf course investment I believe lol.

Sunsoft were actually patchier than the impression you get from what was published overseas. They made some pretty crappy Famicom and FDS games, including some dodgy Sega ports to Famicom.

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Gimmick! is so good.

They did some great pc engine games such as City Hunter. Also I loved the sega saturn games Astra Superstars and their Saturn Neo geo ports such as the slightly pixellated Waku Waku 7.

Chris Covell has an interesting article that includes Sunsoft.

This makes me very sad. the pc engine batman that never was…

I still need to play Gimmick!

You absolutely should, one of the finest platformers ever made! :slight_smile: