Which classic games will benefit most from Online play on Switch?

Here’s my personal list for NES:
Ice Hockey
Joy Mecha Fight
Dr. Mario
Mario Bros.
TMNT 2:The Arcade Game
River City Ransom

I’m not going to speculate about non-NES games for now. But you’re certainly free to do so. What games will be best with online play implemented?

Bubble Bobble 1 & 2!

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Double Dribble! Blades of Steel!

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RBI Baseball and Tecmo Bowl.

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I would be ALL OVER Blades of Steel. That is still probably my favourite Hockey game. I mean come on, the WINNER of the fight gets a Power Play, how does that even work?!?

I’m about 99% this would never happen, but what about some Famicom only releases being brought to North America? Would love to see something like Famicom Wars (Did it have 2-player originally?)

River City Ransom

Agree with all the choices but some of these will never happen. Just scratch anything related to Konami, and anything licensed is pretty unlikely. I’d include Tetris in that last category as well.

Why scratch anything related to Konami?

I just don’t have confidence they’ll lift a finger to do anything worthwhile. They are not much of a video game company these days.

In 2017 and 2018, they have still been releasing TurboGrafx VC games on Wii U so there’s some hope for them to support classics.

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Are they the same stuff from the Wii VC or new (to the service) releases?

Some games were on the original Wii VC, some weren’t. And as far as I know, there aren’t any Wii U TG16 games with that blurry filter.

As I was saying …

This is the new route for Nintendo to sell old games. The ROM platform of the VC is dead to them going forward.