The Future of Retro Game Boards: Official Charity Announcement Thread


That’s a really nice move. Nice work everyone!


Awesome stuff. Will have more of a look into this later


Very cool. Well done all.


This is really cool. I didn’t participate much in the retro threads on the other forum; however, since the creation of this site and the discord channel, I’ve become very fond of this community.

I’m not as knowledgeable as most of you regarding the more technical aspects of our hobby, but the people here never make me feel dumb for asking simple questions. I’ve been able to learn so much.

You guys are awesome for doing this.


All ongoing donors will now be recognized with a little piece of flair on their avatar. If you are a donor and I missed you (I believe there are 2 or 3 of you out there), please send me a PM so that I can include you.

If you are a donor who does not want this piece of flair on your avatar, no worries, I let me know and I will remove it for you.


Did you guys get a 1 time donation option yet?


Yeah also interested in this


It’s something we are actively working on. Stay tuned!


This is coming soon.


late as hell here (as always) but this is a really awesome effort, much love to everyone involved!
i’m not in a place right now where i can do a monthly donation, but i support this all the same & will hopefully be able to join in down the road.


That’s me signed up on the patreon and donated :slight_smile:


Is the charity status still pending or is it official now?


Actually, funny you should ask. We have an announcement about this coming up shortly. It’s good news. :wink: