Tips for those that are having troubles making a choice of what game to play next.

It’s new to me, and I love it!

I was reading this rather excellent reader submission at GameCentral ( on how we should make time to selectively play the longer games we love and it reminded me of this thread.

I’ve found this year - after not really picking up any new releases at launch since early January - that focusing on games I have planned to play and not dropping said games for shiny new releases helps a lot. But it still feels like I’m rushing through some games to get to the next, which is probably because I buy games to play faster than I finish them.

I’ve been faring better with the portable games, especially Game Boy stuff, because you can only have a limited number of cartridges with you whilst travelling, so right now I’m happy slowly making progress on Mole Mania whenever I can, instead of rushing through it to move on to, say, Belmont’s Revenge. I’m in no rush to move on from the Game Boy’s library, after all.

I completely stopped buying games at the moment. Smash and Pokémon Let’s go were the last ones.

I’m honestly not sure when I’ll buy another. It’s going to be a while.

Thanks for the shoutout! I have a backloggery page too!

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What I’m doing now is any jrpg I want to play through I will buy complete in box,like a new game. I also cannot buy another rpg until I finish the one I purchased. I think I’ll appreciate my collection more only having games that I finished and enjoyed and that are also complete in box.

Ive started with Grandia on PS1 (played it when it came out but forgot the story). Im having trouble deciding whats next,thinking Secret of Mana or FF9.