What are your Retro Resolutions for 2019?

I did this last year and figure out we could do it again.

Of late, I’ve been more organic with my retro pursuits. I used keep crazy lists and such. But as I get older, I just let my gut lead me now.

I really need to get a Saturn. Been wanting one for a bit. Great thing is that the Panzer shooters are getting remade. In general, I do want explore the Sega consoles more as that it a gap of mine.

However, I’ve been rather enjoying the Switch a lot for retro stuff. I’m happy stuff like the ACA arcade collections, SEGA ages, and so on exists. While I do enjoy legacy hardware, it becomes unwieldy at times.

And while the Nintendo’s NESflix stuff isn’t that great now. I think it will be very competitive in time.

Advances in emulation has meant I am much less concerned with software these days, and I mostly geek out on AV equipment.

So a few things I resolve to add to my setup:

  • A good RGB > YPbPr transcoder (I’m thinking ShinyBow but I hear RetroTINK is working on one).

  • An RGB > S-video transcoder. Not sure where to get this, but I have some S-video only sets that I love and really want to use alongside my RGB/Component sets with CRT_Emudriver.

  • All RG6 or RG59 coax cables for my video patch cables. This is fairly easy to do since I have a ton of RG6 from prior cable installs.

  • Grab a 16x16 Crosspoint. I am very interested in doing Xbox system link for get-togethers and I need more inputs for that.

  • New shelving units to better store unused equipment. I have ~30 CRTs around the place and some better shelves would go a long way in managing the clutter in our storage room.

  • HDRV cables for PS2, and another Genesis cable + adapter for Saturn.

As for games, I have two major resolutions:

  • Play more PS1 RPGs. I am starting with Xenogears now and I will probably go to Threads of Fate next.

  • Play more original Xbox games and round out my collection. There are probably less than a dozen games I need to call it on my Xbox collecting and none are too expensive, so I may be able to do it this year.

No major resolutions; play more of the games I already own and buy less games.

I want to grab more light guns and light gun games. They’re some of my favorites yet I barely own any.

Otherwise, I’m keeping my retro collecting in check and playing more of what I have rather than acquiring new stuff.

Thining the herd a bit. I meant to do this last year, which I did, but I really need to dump the games I will not play.

This is a good one.

I’d also like to sell some extra stuff I’ve picked up over the years. Like when I’ve gone stupid and bought multiple copies of the same thing :sweat_smile:

My resolution could be summed up as this: Play more, buy less.

I started early by just finishing the first Phantasy Star on the PS2 Sega Ages collection that I’ve had for…ages.

240p :smirk:

Hope to actually spend time playing some retro stuff while capturing for YouTube on occasion.

I’m pretty much sticking to buying shoot em ups (schmups) for 2019. Besides that I’m going to work on finishing up my set up. 2019 is probably the year I grab a 4K TV as well.

I need to quit adding to my backlog and actually play the games in my library. I didn’t get into gaming to become “a collector” you know.

But I need to finish grabbing scart cables for the rest of my systems. I’ve been holding that off until I could figure out what that girl from Ebay was doing to her shop.

I was able to complete my 2018 resolution of down sizing from 6 arcade cabs to 2. Much easier to take care of.

In 2019, I will try to 1CC a few arcade games I like and also maybe invest some time back in to the genesis and snes libraries via one FPGA device or another.

My 2019 resolution is expand my Fighting games and STG for all platforms.

Maybe it’s time for a Switch as well, but after a price drop or BF deals.

Sometimes, I get thinking, especially when I am staring at a shelf of unfinished and some un-played games. I think, why do I keep buying games? My problem has been lack of focus. I think this is actually a topic for another thread, perhaps even its own.

My resolution for 2019. Stop buying Physical Indies unless I am absolutely in love with the game. Play way less games and finish way more. Stop buying consoles I have no nostalgic attachment to. Next time I have money burning a hole in my pocket looking for a new indie game, maybe I should just buy those games on my list that I know I want and want to finish.

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  • all everdrives, no old game purchases unless its a really good deal
    nothing makes you feel like you have too many games quite like moving, fucksake
    -ima try to finish more castlevanias
    -also finally finish Zombies Ate My Neighbors but I’m gonna use a game genie because fuck those later levels

Not buying games is never a bad thing. It adds up. And you only have so much time to play.

I may not even get next gen consoles at this point. As it is, I barely touched my PS4 over the past few years other than to play Rocket League and the occassional title.

Yea… I can’t imagine how hard it will be to move my collection and the shelving I’ve created for it at this point. I dread that day. :sweat_smile:

8 boxes of records
10 or so of books
lost count of games/peripherals;systems etc. it’s an entire room worth and i love it but kinda wanna burn it all down before moving again

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I feel you.

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Been buying a little less lately, and I’ve covered a lot of my “must haves” at this point, so I will only pick up older games if it’s a deal I can’t pass up.

I want to be more focused like @Kawika. There were two issues:

Actually, I’ll post them over on the new thread about buying too many games and not playing them fully! But That’s definitely something I want to do.

I also want to pick up either a Japanese Saturn or Japanese PS1 - with regards to the latter there are a fair few games I’ve been meaning to play which aren’t on the Japanese PS Store, like Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura.

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