Upcoming games with cool pixel art - Iron Meat

I’ve done it on my OSSC with my Switch. It’s a bit of a pain though because I need to use the GBS Control to downscale and it becomes a bit of a tangle with 3 different devices and cables, but the good thing for you is that the 5X has that feature built in!

I use an HDMI to Component transcoder (really cheap one, seems to have zero lag or extra processing). Only downside is with the GBS Control there’s no aspect ratio control, so the picture gets squished to 4:3. Luckily the OSSC has 16:9 settings, but the scanlines become slightly misaligned I found. Might be better with the 5X.

edit: Also, I just realized that I think you might be out of luck because I don’t think the XBox can output 480p, but I could be wrong. Looking into it further though and it appears the 5X can downscale even 720p.


Ohh, thanks! I will have to try it then and see how it works. I saw Mike just released 720p scaling (experimental firmware update) yesterday for the 5X yesterday, so maybe I should update the firmware and try it out.

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would love to see some shots in the 240p thread if you get it working!


Will do! I was playing The Mummy Demastered a few weeks ago, and wishing there was a scanline option. I think it has great pixel art and animation. This will give me a good excuse to go back and finish the game :smiley:


If you’re interested in getting scanlines, on windows you may be able to use Reshade which can apply shader on top of games. The guest-dr-venom shader was ported to it which is a pretty flexible scanline shader

Edit, here are some better examples:


Bitmap Bureau just revealed Final Vendetta!

Release date: May 2022

I love the beat 'em up renaissance we’ve been having lately :slight_smile:


That looks bad but also really good? Impressed with how progressive it is for its genre. Will keep a close eye on it.

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Bullfighter NEON looks pretty sweet!


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Does look very cool!

Though I expected the toreador to move more quickly.


A sequel to Neo Geo action game Ganryu has just been announced!

Release date: April 22nd


Slipstream has been released on PC previously, but it’s heading to consoles soon.

I hope it plays as well as it looks!

Platforms: Switch, PS4, X1
Release date: April 7th


This game is pretty cool, actually. I didn’t go into it expecting much, but it’s a real homage to Outrun, that’s for sure.

The drifting mechanic is pretty east to catch onto, but the times when you have a second turn right after another can be quite difficult to get right. Just like Outrun, you choose the next stage you want to go to, but within each stage you’re racing a rival.

It’s not a deep game by any means, and I wouldn’t go spending more than 5 or 10 bucks on it, but certainly is fun.

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Thanks for the write-up!

Sounds like a simple but solid game that’s fun to take for a whirl every once in a while.

Astebros is a great looking game on Kickstarter that’s bound for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Switch and Steam!

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/neofid-studios/astebros

Release date: March 2023


Roguelite :frowning:


Yeah, I must admit that’s not exactly my favourite genre. Still, I really dig how the game looks and if the gameplay is fun, I’m in.

Here’s some new footage from Final Vendetta.

I like what I’m seeing!


Yeah it’s looking nice. Looking forward to getting hold of it in a couple of weeks 18th of June if Amazon is to be believed :octopus:

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I’m hoping for a physical release on Series X but that’s not going to happen so PS4 for me :sweat_smile:. Or at least I would expect a PS4 version to be physically released.

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Here’s a nice launch trailer for metroidvania Souldiers.

Looks great!

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