Video Game Music |OT| - Not just Robot Farts and 5-Second Loops!


Thanks for the recommendation. My mornings have been pretty awesome since putting this podcast on.


Cool! Glad I could pass it on. I’m still listening to it, on episode 172 right now and plan on starting over once I catch up completely.



Shit! I was just telling @BTails I needed to slow down on the vinyl but I have to buy this!


I thankfully have not felt the need for the SoR games… Yet… However this looks amazing:


Nice. I’m glad there is a thread here.


Why the hell didn’t someone tell me that Super Adventure Island has awesome music?! I played this game a lot when I first got it but I don’t remember hearing this song! Where in the game is it from?

I also didn’t know that Yuzo Koshiro made the soundtrack. Well that explains why it’s awesome I guess.



Listened to some of my VGM records today. Forgot how hard Lagrange Point’s OST can kick. I really have to play this game sometime.


So, what’s everyone’s single favourite Castlevania track? Mine’s probably Beginning from Castlevania 3 especially on the Famicom with the extra sound channels. It gets me SO pumped to kill some undead.


Castlevania Circle of the Moon - Requiem


the soundtrack to blam! machine head is fantastic. great dark trance and breakbeat


Treadmill music for today! So happy and pumping.


I know it’s not retro in the slightest (well, is PSP retro yet?!), but I absolutely love Masafumi Takada, most known for Danganronpa. His music is absolute bliss…and also absolute fire depending on which track you listen to!


oh and also, absolutely fucking horrifying…those who have experienced chapter 5 of Danganronpa 2 know exactly what I’m on about:


Brave Wave’s "Ressurection: Panzer Dragon Saga 20th Anniversary Arrangement Album) is now up for preorder. Ships mid-April. I just put in an order myself, now I finally have to play the game!


Wow… 20 years… We so need that to get remastered somehow. :frowning:


The audio files from Super Mario Odyssey have been ripped! The full soundtrack in native *.bfstm format is at under /s. You can play the audio using vgmstream (

So yeah, looking forward to whenever Xenoblade is ripped…!


This cover of Sakimoto’s Work from Magical Chase by Savaged Regime.



Time to kill some evil creatures!


That’s not bad I’m a bit biased since I’m going to pick the pc engine version over this as that was my first encounter and love of this game even before the prices went stupidly high.

I find the pc engine has a bit more ambience to the sound during the quieter moments.