Video Game Music |OT| - Not just Robot Farts and 5-Second Loops!


Honestly i just wish Sakimoto would make more chiptune stuff today. Kingdom grand prix was on point too.


Wish I could find out the music composer for this pc engine hucard game. A hidden gem maybe?


Nice and fairly new VGM podcast.


It seems to be a game to go alongside with a drama series? Developer KSS Inc. So if you can find something else from them in the same era it might give you some clues?

Maybe the credits are in the ROM? Or you can cheat to see the Staff Roll?

There was also a MegaDrive version. As far as I can see the was no staff roll on that game?


listening to the Lunar Silver star podcast and slightly disappointed that most of the tracks of 32-bit Lunar Silver Star Story complete are of PSX version and not so much SS ver…mind you to be honest I don’t think there is much difference between the PSX and SS versions audio wise however Lunar 2 EB will definitely diverge.


Data Discs releases Space Harrier tomorrow, I’m all over that one.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Mr. Tallarico’s Terminator Soundtrack lately.


Both it and the batman game on Sega CD were too hard for me, but have great soundtracks.


Bomberman '93 for pce/tg-16 has I think some of the best Bomberman pc engine chip tunes mostly because I feel were more ambitious and have am irresistible catchy optimism


Hey, listen! Here’s some music from the T&E SOFT golf games for PC-98.


I wished T&E made a golf game for the pce… :confused:

my fave all time golf track would be…


Dragon Saber. Arcade VS pc engine

Stage 2 - Volcano

Stage 3 - Fossil

Stage 4 - Wastelands


This song just fits the desolate ice age stage so well. I’d defeintely recommend looking at the entire World Heroes Perfect OST is you’re interested.


I’m copying a link to the tweet since I want to give credit to the person who showed it to me.


That “Mega Answer” OST is giving major Phantasy Star vibes… Which is a good thing.


A couple of the tracks taken from the MSX game Pardius - SCC is emulated on pc engine. Recorded from real pc engine hardware too and mixed in DaVinci.


Has anyone developed an MSU-1 style upgrade for Genesis games? Maybe tricking the game/console into thinking the cart has Sega CD audio? Was just watching a video that mentioned MSU-1 hacks and it got me thinking. There are a ton of sweet Genesis remixes and CD quality covers out there.


I don’t think so. Personally, I’m not sure I’d want remixes of Genesis music; the MSU-1 soundtracks I’ve heard on the SNES have been pretty lackluster :confused:

I just had this delicered today, the packaging is amazing, with tons of artwork, and a 22 page booklet with more art and interviews/liner notes! Well done Brave Wave. The rearrangements sound really good so far too (only listened to one side).



Starts off with a Contra-style groove before giving me those Castlevania Rondo of Blood vibes. This is a great track.


Also, finally gotten around to listening to this. Cool FM remixes, but I definitely don’t get DOS vibes from it, particularly not the CGA era of games… Sounds to me more like “If Zelda 3 was released on PC Engine Super CD-ROM”.

EDIT: Also, I was just shocked to hear that for some reason the Overworld theme is actually the Link’s Awakening Overworld! Not that I’m complaining, Link’s Awakening has the best Overworld theme of the whole series.