What will you game on when/if your CRT dies? Whats your backup plan?


@Socksfelloff made a good point. I probably should bring a console that has 240p test suite. I have HD retrovision cables for my SNES so I could see if there is any weirdness.


My wife got sick so I couldn’t get that tv I was trying to get this weekend.

OSSC OLED users ( @bodine1231) What scaling method have you been using for the OSSC? 3x, 4x, or 5x?

I use 5x on my HD and my LCD 4K but but have pluses and minuses. 4K TV’s color palette is so wide that most of the time the colors don’t match even if its calibrated well. My 4K shows reds a little more like magenta (sony issue). Anyway, I pulled out my older Samsung 1080p set and man, the SNES looked so good in 5x on that thing. I’ve never seen it look better on a fixed pixel set. It blows away my 4K. I really want to see what this looks like on a LG OLED and a Samsung 4K.


This is what I did when I bought my 29" Trinitron. I brought a Megadrive 2 with the Everdrive loaded with the 240p Test Suite to the guys house so that I could test for stuff. The scrolling tests make it easy to see if there is weird geometry problems, the colour bars can be useful too and of course the blinking cursor if you’re not sure if the model is 240p or 480p. But it should be easy to see the line doubling anyway.


I’ll be on the market for a new 21" CRT very soon. Mine is dying more and more, now there is a discoloured area that appears from time to time on the left side of the screen. It’s weird because sometimes it appears right at start up, sometimes it appears over time, and infrequently it never appears.

There are still plenty of CRT with Scart of that size in my country so now i’te more about deciding if I want a Trinitron or a traditional slot mask like I currently have. I like the softer image it produces, but I can see the high quality of the Sony TVs.


I use 4X with 100% scanline strength and 68% Hybrid. I find that with 5x the scanlines are way too thin,4x with the new update has the same thickness at 2x now and looks amazing. Colors look perfect on the OLED. I also set the OLED brightness to 100 and keep brightness at 50. The hybrid scanline option brightens up the image alot now.


Yeah, you can tell because it has the Memory Stick on the front. FV300 and FV310 also have front s-video.


I’ve got 2x 13" PVMs, one 13" Philips consumer CRT, and one 21" Philips consumer CRT (tube in that is shared with several vintage arcade cabinets).

As much as I like all that phosphor glow, I know I’ll flip them all in future - especially the PVM - when the prices get silly, before I have to deal with recapping and repairs. They just take up too much room.

Though my local TV guy is really good (ex-Philips, the 21" CRT was how I met him) but realistically he’s not going to be around as long as the CRTs.

I am totally fine with native resolution LCD panels, and I’ll be buying a spare panel for my 20" Philips 480p LCD. I can’t be doing with up-scalers but I’m intrigued by an Extron for downscaling.