What will you game on when/if your CRT dies? Whats your backup plan?


No it was done by the previous owner. Good thing about PVMs though is that it’s usually just a couple on the deflection board that fix most problems. Maybe send a message to Savon-pat on eBay,he may do it for a fee or just find a local electrician.


So I found someone who has this KV-27FS210

Its not the 310 that I have been pining for but lets see how good this one is. I know @Socksfelloff is pretty up on the consumer CRTs and I have never seen this model in the wild.


@Socksfelloff thinks a JVC D-Series is trash, and thus can’t be trusted :eyes:


Did you not see my comparison photos ? Compared to the Ferrari that is a 310 a D series is a civic

@Kawika I’ve never seen one either. It looks like a 3xx and is 15khz only as well so im sure it’ll be good but probably not 310 good.


I did, and now I’m just convinced you don’t know what cars are :stuck_out_tongue:


This could be promising since it’s not removed.


Jesus, Sarah needs a better camera or a drink to stop those hands from shaking.


Seriously…what the hell are people taking photos with these days?


I’m not quite sure where this belongs or how well it works but I thought I would throw this here.

I ordered one but I won’t be able to test it until Sunday.


Pound technology?

Never heard of them. I hope it works out. Definitely give us your impressions.


Yeah, very curious to hear how it works out. I don’t think I saw any reviews on Amazon yet.


Pound technology made this and several YouTube personalities reviewed it including metal Jesus.


I should probably hoard some CRTs that we have laying around now that people mention it but it’s hard to hoard in an apartment though :frowning:

I have one now that seems fine and I think I can get one more, I’m really sad I never kept my grandma’s old sony that came in one of those wooden cabinets. That thing was massive and amazing.


@Socksfelloff Sarah never responded but option number 2. Says it’s still available.

She doesn’t know the model number but it looks like the 310


Its a KV 3FS320 not a 310. Man… I can’t catch a break. It might be worth it though if there isn’t much difference. I have seen a 320 in person, it didn’t look as good as BVM like sock says his 310 is but it looks pretty good.

Wondering if I should hold off for a 24 or 27" tv. I don’t think I have the space for something this big.


I have a 320 and it looks really nice, aside from the color I’d say it hangs pretty well with my PVM and Pro JVC sets. I haven’t seen a 310 but I would say a 320 is still a top-tier Sony SD set. 32" is the upper limit for me when looking for new sets, but if it’s in good shape I say go for it if you can get it home easily.


I’m unsure of what the difference is between the 310 and the 320. I think the 320 is still a 15khz monitor which is good. Jenn looks good, I’d ask her for her phone number as well


Lol! I was waiting for that!


I found a KV-27FS210. I was really trying to find a 24" set but I just don’t have space for a 32". I went online and that thing is a gigantic piece. I’m in California, space is at a premium here.

It looks clean and the owner said it’s very bright still.


Nice! I like the extra inputs and dedicated audio out on the 210s, gives you some flexibility.