Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


This is totally unavailable via legal means on the DS today, right?


You download and play it from the Wii Version if I recall correctly. No internet is required if you have the Wii version.


I got to 1 million on Wii in circle one time only.


Peltz is correct, it’s a “Download Play” game that is beamed from Wii to DS and persists as long as you keep the DS powered up.

However it’s possible to use some Wii homebrew to extract the game from your Wii, and some PC homebrew to extract the NDS ROM from the Wii game. I did this, and then setup a flash card to autoboot the game. Just to have a dedicated DSlite for just MaBoShi. :nerd_face:

Guide (no rom)

It’s the last opportunity to buy this wonderful game MaBoShi on Wii right now. :cry:

The Ripping Thread - How to build your own legit retro ROM library.

MaBoShi is one of my favourite games as well. I really liked the DS and Wii period from Nintendo, as it saw them reach out to all sorts of developers to greenlight offbeat ideas that might not have been given a chance under other publishers. WiiWare saw a small handful of these, many of which are worth picking up:

You, Me and the Cubes
Art Style games from Skip
ExciteBike World Rally
Rock 'n Roll Climber (ex-EAD programmer Giles Goddard’s game)
Bonsai Barber
Magnetica Twist
ThruSpace (the 3DS sequel is better though)

There’s a lot more from third parties too, though I think they’ve already been mentioned at this point!
That aside, I hope the Band Bros/Jam With The Band Channel is still up as I still need to get that.


Other than perhaps the NES and the N64, it was probably their most innovative software period as developers/publishers. I really liked what they did during those years.


Agreed. For me the DS & Wii era is my favourite in all my years of gaming. The fact that I have no recollection of Rock n Roll Climber fills my heart that there is still so much I have yet to play from this era.

Bansai Barber was amazing, by one of the N64 GoldenEye programmers IIRC.


I’m regretting not putting more money in for Pulseman or Risestar, so I guess I’ve got no choice but to live with it. But I’m mainly upset we never got so many of those games from Japan’s servers, even though we had the majority of them released in the west previously.


At least Ristar is available on the Mega Drive Classics collection. If you get it on Steam they even give you a folder with the bare ROMs inside, so you’re not forced to use their shoddy emulator.


Yeah, I want to get games I truly can’t get elsewhere. Need to log in and see how many points I have. Tried a couple weeks ago and couldn’t log in. Will try while I’m on Cmas break this weekend.


OK! I have $32 left to spend. Got much of what I wanted back in the spring but here’s what I’m looking at with the remainder:

Fluidity ($12) - Played the demo and thought it was neat. Kinda feels like a game you’d play on an iPad these days but I recognize it’s quite polished and plays really great. Seems meaty based on the number of levels. My kiddos could play this, too. My 5yo loves playing Bonsai Barber.

Alien Soldier ($9) - No other way to get this critically acclaimed gem so I’m pretty certain on this one.

Uforia ($6) - I’m an NES collector and I’d love to have the PAL cart but … expensive. So this is a great way to get it.

EDIT: I have an even $5 left. No NES games I need or want. Need a WiiWare or Master System game - looking at Fast Draw Showdown on WiiWare. Seems cheesy and fun and only doable on the Wii. Anyone play this?


Alien Soldier is available on Steam. $0.99 right now I believe.


I have 500 points left.

Any recommendations? Was thinking of going for Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom, but I’m looking for any other niche games I may not have thought about.

(in case anyone’s curious, my final haul was Paper Mario, Rondo of Blood, Monster World IV, Doremi Fantasy, Ogre Battle, Ogre Battle 64, and Sin & Punishment).


I’m at 400.

This is such a taunt by Nintendo (as usual) for not buying their products when I had the chance. They really like to lay in on the punishment if you’re not loyal to their market base.

I’m hoping after the VC ends that something happens about the games being opened up by the community, Especially those titles Japan kept to themselves when they sold them overseas before.


Given that DSiWare is still available (as sorts) on 3DS I am also hopeful that Switch may see Wii VC in some way or another down the line and these wonderful WiiWare games will live on. But, this is Nintendo.

These may help decisions…

WiiWare Exclusives

Top 25 WiiWare Games


WiiWare had a ton of exclusives. Wow.


It really did. People were asleep on WiiWare in general throughout that generation.

I’ve got points to spend. One thing to watch for is that a LOT of stuff was ported to the Wii U. I’ve been trying to avoid those games with these points because I can just buy them once there later before they shut that down too. :unamused:


I prefer Art Style: Orbient on Wii compared to GBA. Amazing zen game.


How many points is that one?


Hmm, no idea sorry, but the Nintendo Life review says it was 600 at launch?