Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


I don’t currently own MMLC2, I may get it eventually but I’d rather play MM 9 and 10 natively as they are on my Wii accounf. Plus I’m kind of turned off of it after lots of complaints of sound and emulation bugs on the first MMLC.


It’s no longer possible to add points. I’m just going to leave this here.


It’s been real, Wii VC.


Am I bad for laughing at the people that say they were too late to add funds?


My final haul:

Chrono Trigger (own complete SNES cart and DS version but an official digital copy was too good to pass up at the last minute, especially with SNES Classic controller compatibility)

Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom

Wonder Boy in Monster Land - SMS

Wonder Boy III The Dragon’s Trap - SMS

Wonder Boy in Monster World - Genesis

Passed on Dynastic Hero as I own an original launch day physical copy which I’m currently playing on my Turbo Duo.

Zanac- NES

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

Phantasy Star - SMS

Phantasy Star IV - Genesis

(will be my first experience with the Phantasy Star series)

Alex Kidd in Miracle World

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

(own the Master System carts but wanted digital copies for convenience)

Fantasy Zone II - SMS

Zaxxon - VC Arcade


M.U.S.H.A. - Savings of apprx $450 over getting a physical copy.



Puyo Puyo 2

Mega Turrican

Wii Ware:

Contra Rebirth

Art Style - Light Trax (had no idea how great this game’s soundtrack and visual style were until I watched a video review last night).

Blaster Master Overdrive

Existing collection starting from when I first got my OG Wii in early 2007:


SMB Lost Levels


Super Mario World

Super Mario 64

Legend of Zelda NES

Link to the Past SNES (from the rotating Club Nintendo digital rewards, those were the days).

Air Zonk (also own complete physical copy)

Alien Soldier

Art Style Orbient

Blaster Master - NES

Bomber Man Blast

Bubble Bobble Plus

Cave Story

DoReMi Fantasy

Doc Louis’s Punch Out - Club Nintendo bonus

Donkey Kong Country

Dr. Mario Rx

Galaga '90

Gradius Rebirth

Gradius - NES

Gradius II Gofer No Yabou - TG-16 CD/PC Engine (also own a physical copy)

Life Force - NES

Mario Kart SNES

Mario Kart 64

Mega Man 2

Mega Man 3

Mega Man 9

Mega Man 10

Monster Lair - TG-16 CD

Monster World IV (WOW, what a treat it was when this was announced as a late Wii era VC import in 2012 and translated too)

Wonder Boy in Monster Land - Arcade version

Pilot Wings SNES - Club Nintendo digital reward

R-TYPE - SMS version

Super R-TYPE

Sin and Punishment

Soldier Blade

Space Invaders Get Even (all DLC maps and classic Taito shmup guest fighter ships)

Star Fox 64

Star Parodier - TG-16 CD/PC Engine (also own a physical copy)

Star Soldier R

Strongbad Episode 4 Dangeresque

Super Adventure Island

Super Bonk

Super Empire Strikes Back

Super Fantasy Zone

Super Turrican


Wario’s Woods

So yeah, Virtual Console had its highs and lows but overall I definitely got my money’s worth out of the service the last 11 or so years. salute


Well I spent way more than I should have, but I just kept finding things I needed to get. Between this weekend and Monday morning I put $210 in there. That’s on top of another $150 I’ve been buying here and there since they announced the closure. Really can’t believe how much I spent! But seeing some of these games in 240p through component on my 32" CRT is just glorious. Got a metric ton of VC games and most of the best WiiWare titles. I didn’t know the VC arcade Sega games were 240p, was so happy to see that so I bought those and the Zaxxon tate mode is awesome. Anyway I left myself with 3800 points and still feel like that’s not enough. :expressionless:

Does anybody know if the other VC arcade games are also 240p?


I spent more than I wanted to but in the end I bought games that I would like to see have a future on other platforms. I am just super excited to play Rondo on my PVM. The main reason I wanted a PCE was for Rondo and this makes that system less of must buy now that I can at least play it on the Wii. I also bought the Rebirth Trilogy and Ironclad. All these games are exclusive and probably the only ones I cared to spend money on. With regard to other games; wads will be exist on other platforms so I am less scared about that. Also, Wiis are so plentiful that I don’t think there will ever be a time when I can’t find a wii to fix or replace the unit I have.


I don’t even want to post my final list, but it’s pretty close to AgentUnknown’s list. And I still have another 19000 points saved up to use before the shop closes for good in January!


It’s a great service and they did us a great service in putting out so many games with such high quality emulation. When you consider what passed for corporate level emulation before the Virtual Console, aka mostly ports and total shit wrappers, well, this was a massively successful endeavor for Nintendo and a gift to all of us as fans of the history of console games.


I still have 3000 points as well. Not sure what I’ll get. I also need to softmod my Wii to archive my VC/WiiWare tittles and probably get a back up system too for posterity.

Good thing is that Wiis are abundant and dirt cheap.


I just have to say how much I’m loving Castlevania Rebirth. Wow. It’s a ton of fun. I’m playing on easy (after starting on normal for a bit) and it’s still quite a decent little challenge. On level 5 right now.


I think a lot of what you said makes it great but the thumb in the eye is Nintendo’s account system or lack there of. It’s what kept me from buying anything on the eShop until this last week because I was afraid of hardware failure. It will always Mar 3ds, Wii and Wii as far as I’m concerned. I bet whatever comes for the Switch will be a half measure since Nintendo can still release classic Gameboys, N64 and maybe even GameCubes.


I dunno… I find it really hard to get upset with Nintendo when I feel like the other guys aren’t much better at it. Everything you bought on PS3 is confined to that machine now too. There’s a hard stop in place there. What happens when the PS3 store goes away? That even potentially sold you lots of multiple gig size games?

Microsoft has been doing a little better I guess with the Xbox One gaining more and more stuff from 360. That’s nice, but there will always be stuff locked up back there, too. At some point, we all have to face the fact that the only way to truly own the stuff from the pre-digital download era is to buy the original cart/disc. And stuff that was digital only? Well, pray your system holds up or plan to be a pirate.

I mean, I get what you’re saying. It’s all tied to the hardware. I just don’t think it’s much worse than what is ultimately going to happen on the other systems.


I would say of the console gaming space MS is currently the least offensive to me. Pointing out the competition’s bad behavior doesn’t absolve Nintendo of wrong doing imo. I try to buy steam indies more than PSN/XBOX/Switch. The only reason I bought a lot of stuff on PSN was cheap vita games. There is a price point where I’m ok with losing games ($5ish). But if my Wii failed during the Wii era I would lose things tied to the console unless I got the right person at NoA to give me credit back to buy my games. I had 2 PS3s and 11 XBOX 360s last gen due to hardware failure. I was able to recover everything but The Simpson’s game for on PS3. If the Wii was as poorly designed as the 360 there would be a lot more upset people.

Point is, hardware fails and account systems should be like steam/mobile space. I still think the Switch is a half measure because you can’t actually back up your own saves in case of hardware failure. I had to buy a new switch, transfer my save data to a new switch, send my original switch in for repair and then transfer that back when I got it back. I know that doesn’t have to do with the Wiishop specifically but its more of Nintendo taking a half step once again.


It all sucks now that so much is digital. My Steam library is thousands of dollars worth of games. Even that could get compromised. GOG.com’s method is the best since everything is DRM-free.

I still buy everything on physical discs unless I can’t. My kids call my collection “The Inheritance”. LOL! They aren’t building up and inheritance of their own. They mostly buy digital. :frowning:


Made my first purchase with the remaining points last night. I picked up Gate of Thunder for the Turbo CD.

I’m super glad I did. The game has amazing graphics for the time, some excellent sounds and of course a great soundtrack but best of all, it plays so well. It has that same feel that the Thunder Force games do and frankly, those shooters are among my favorite games of that type of any era. The difficulty on Normal seems just right for learning the game and getting a one credit clear, too. I was able to get to the third boss IIRC after about five or six plays. Really enjoying it and really glad I added it to my collection. I’m sure it’ll be out today or next week on Wii U now. LOL!

One thing I’ve been doing every time I hop into the Wii side of my Wii U after browsing and/or buying on the Wii Shop is playing something I bought a long while back on the VC. Last night it was Gradius for NES. That game is tough as nails. I couldn’t even get to the first boss again! It really has an addictive quality though, which I cannot figure out. Maybe it’s the progression from powerups? The fact that you know exactly where stuff will appear and still mess up? I dunno… I enjoyed it until I was ready to throw the controller again and then I called it a night.

Down to 4400 points now… still pretty sure about the rest but I’m going to see if Konami announces those ReBirth games before I pull the trigger on them, especially since I still need to beat Rondo and I have every other Contra game ever made.


Almost forgot that the shutdown is next month! Bought

Castlevania Rebirth
Castlevania RoB (even though I have the PSP version)
Shinobi (Arcade)
Cho Aniki (PCE)

I know some of these are available on other platforms, but there wasn’t much left that I absolutely needed other than Castlevania Rebirth, so I’m pretty happy with my purchases :slight_smile:


:heart_eyes: :+1:


Maboshi is secretly the best WiiWare game. I’ve spent countless hours playing “circle” in it.


Absolutely, 100%

Have you ever got 1 million? I’ve only got it (on three separate occasions: 2008, 2014, 2015) whilst playing the DS download play version.

I’m not too keen on the other two games. They’re good, but Circle game is GOAT-tier.