Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread




Can’t wait for this fad to die.


January 30 is fast approaching. I’m pretty sure that downloads will get disabled then too so make sure you get stuff onto an SD card or into your fridge before that date.

I bought Contra Rebirth last night. Still have 2400 to burn. I really need a definitive list of what’s only on Wii Virtual Console although I realize that games are darker on the Wii U. Even though it’s not as popular, I still may snag Gradius Rebirth too instead of another Virtual Console title.


I hope they leave up the music after January 30 but I’m guessing it’ll just die on the spinning connection circle…

Definitely want to boot up the channel one last time to have a browse, even though I have no Wii points left.


Still working on spending that last 2400 and probably getting too weird about it… but here’s what I think is “exclusive” to the Wii Virtual Console for Turbografx. These are the games left to buy that are not on the Wii U Virtual Console…

Bomberman '94
Break In
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Chase H.Q.
Cho Aniki
Dead Moon
Dragon Spirit
Dragon’s Curse
Fighting Street
Galaga '90
Gate of Thunder
Gradius II: Gofer no Yabou
J.J. & Jeff
Military Madness
Monster Lair
Riot Zone
Samurai Ghost
Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Super Air Zonk: Rockabilly-Paradise
The Dynastic Hero
World Class Baseball
Ys Book I & II

Without looking at prices, and knowing that I already own Castlevania, Gate of Thunder, Military Madness and Bomberman '94 from that list, is there a specific one or three that you would recommend? I’m considering Ys Book I & II because of the CD soundtrack and that I have not played an Ys game before.

Fun with spreadsheets got me down to that list. Surprisingly there are some things on Wii U that are NOT on Wii VC. Wacky!


Galaga '90 is a fun take on the classic shooter; it’s a port of the arcade game Galaga '88.
Dragon’s Curse is a port of SMS’s Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap. Better colors vs the SMS version.
I’d recommend Ys Book I & II. It’s quick ARPG fun with great early anime aesthetic.
The Dynastic Hero is basically a reskin of Wonder Boy in Monster World.
I’m sure Super Air Zonk has its fans. I never got too far into it but the art style is fun.


Some people over at resetera are saying the Wii eshop is down at the moment? Oh-oh… I’ll have to check asap tomorrow morning!


Hope someone archives or makes a ‘pirate’ version of the channel to maintain the history.

The Wii isn’t the first integrated digital storefront, but people forget the Wii predates the iPhone by a year (and pre-dates the iPhone app store by two years).


I have good hopes that the people behind Wiimmfi and Riiconnect24 will do something about it.


Did they do so for the DSi store? That one has some catchy music too.


Yes the DSi Store is accessible (with music) as a are bones store with a 3DS migration app and some text info posts.


Thanks for the input! I’m almost certainly going with Ys and with Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen on SNES. I doubt I’ll ever own either of those anywhere else in their original forms like this. The PlayStation version of Ogre Battle will have load times I’d rather avoid too, I’m sure.

That leaves 800 points. Still deciding…


I’ve had 500 left for a while. I was considering Princess Tomato for NES and then Retronauts just posted an episode about it! It’s an NES game that I’m just not likely to buy a real copy of… so this may be the best option. Also looking at Wrecking Crew - apparently you can save your edited levels in the VC version, which is interesting. But if that game ever comes to the NSO app then you could do the same thing… Last option is the SMS version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Looks interesting and I do love 8-bit platformers.


I was left with 400 points the whole time they stopped accepting any more, so looking at all the games listed and being 100 short is such a taunt. * mad

I think Muscle March is delisted? I didn’t see it last time I checked for it.


Muscle March is still there…I know cause I just bought it. I have 1600 points left and trying to figure out what’s left that I want…


Last 2400 spent and everything is either on the Fridge or the SD card. I got Ogre Battle SNES, Ys and Maboshi’s Arcade. Looking forward to playing them soon!

Total end of an era. Console generations (and my life) are racing by in a flash.


Just bought Princess Tomato. I’m done


I just double checked on my end and it said “Downloaded” instead of downloadable. Only the option to gift was available.

Same thing with several Wii channels that are no longer listed.


Quick reminder: For those, like me, who will miss that beautiful Wii Shop music, it is available in Smash Ultimate on Switch. :grin:


Don’t forget to pick up MaBoShi if you can, folks!

I’m going to boot up my Wii U tonight to access the Shop Channel. I want to check out my downloads list (I did a Wii system transfer at Wii U launch) and see what I’ve picked up since December 8, 2006!

I also just realised the Wii system transfer tool will go offline since that required an online service to transfer licenses. I have said before that I regret doing a system transfer because of the inadequacies of Wii mode on the Wii U, but really, how could I have forgotten that wonderfully produced video sequence with the Pikmin:

I remember getting a bit emotional watching it, because it feels so personal as you see the Pikmin carry your data individually - including all of your Wii save files. Really fitting music, too. Wonder who composed it.