Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


Been doing some reading and that’s what I’m finding out. I feel like that is a major flaw that should have been mentioned. Can’t inagine it would have happened during shipping. We’ll see what the seller says. Not holding my breath. Luckily I didn’t pay much but it’s still fucking annoying.


So the guy who sold me the console claims the DS slot was working when he shipped it. I will probably not bother with trying to ship it back. Instead, I will see what I can do with the on system memory (it also shipped without a remote so I gotta snag one to actually check out what I have). In the meantime, I thought of a super jury rigged way to hold in the card (maybe) – a sliding C-clamp. LOL


Well, sorry to be the only one posting ITT. I found an easy way to keep the SD card locked in – I just cut a strip from a laminated card I had laying around and folded it and slipped in above the card. Simple and it works quite well. There are 75 games on the console, which I got for $60 shipped, so it was an OK deal. The guy had pretty good taste an so all the games are pretty great. He purchased all of the arcade releases and has Dracula X (which was one of the main games I wanted, obviously).

I’ll be making a list and asking for buying advice here soon.

Meantime - does anyone have thoughts on the classic controller vs the classic controller pro? Or any other controller you prefer for VC games? I’d love to get the official NES or SNES Classic controllers from the mini consoles but that ain’t gonna happen right now.


Oh I have some opinions on Classic Controller vs Classic Controller Pro. The long and short is that I can’t really decide between the two and it really depends on the game, but some VC stuff is just bad on both.

The biggest problem with the CC is that the triggers are analog w/ a full button at fully depressed (like a GC trigger) which is really, super annoying in SNES games since you have to fully depress the trigger to register a shoulder button press. But it is only a problem in games that need shoulder button use… so years ago when I played Mega Man X with dash of course mapped to R it was really not great.

The CC Pro doesn’t feel quite like a SNES controller but is more comfortable and more suitable for Wii games that need dual analog. Plus there are no stupid analog triggers! But Nintendo made a critical mistake when making the CC Pro, in that L/R become like Xbox LB/RB and ZL/ZR are like Xbox L/R… so they’re kinda backwards, and hitting L/R frequently is uncomfortable. Any game on SNES that needs L/R you have to actually use L/R as ZL/ZR do not work. This problem also affects earlier Wii games that use CC as they tended to focus on L/R not the terrible ZL/ZR on the CC and again, L/R are uncomfortable to use on the CC Pro.

Unfortunately Nintendo kept this dumb backwards shoulder button mistake with the Wii U Gamepad, Wii U Pro Controller, all Switch controllers, and even the 3DS Circle Pad Pro.

An actual SNES controller with an adapter to GC/Wii Remote works well.

One thing I will say is that on the CC and CC Pro d-pad it is easier to do diagonals than a SNES d-pad (it’s a bit less stiff) and they feel much more comfortable in games like Super Mario RPG or Zelda where you need to do a lot of diagonal movement.


I have a few CC’s and CCP’s and prefer the CCP by a landslide. The analogue triggers really don’t make sense for VC games that have all digital inputs.

Another option is to use Raphnet adapters to just use the original controllers on the Wii. They’re virtually lag free (literally 1ms of lag) and are really the best solution in my humble opinion.

I have his adapters for SNES, Genesis, N64, and NES controllers and they all play nicely on Wii VC. The N64 one that he sells even lets you change the inputs to match the original layout so that you get the authentic control scheme.

To me, they’re the way to go. If he still makes them, get the ones that plug right into the GCN port for the most lag-free solution.


I have both and I like the Pro better. I was never one to get too hung up on the design of the Dual Shock and how it influenced controller design with the extended prongs on the front for comfort holding a standard gamepad but I think using the Pro after the original CC convinced me that it’s a good thing. It also has just a little more heft to it that makes it feel a little better overall.

That said, both are really good. It’s just complaining to complain when it comes to either one IMO.

I really need to set aside some cash to hit the Wii Shop hard before the closing date. I bought Rondo of Blood a couple weeks ago. I think I need the Contra and Castlevania Re-Birth releases too. I already have Sin and Punishment (upgraded to Wii U too IIRC), but I’m wondering if I should get more Turbo stuff like Lords of Thunder. Will that sort of thing ever come to Switch? At this point I’m not sure…


Didn’t know about Rapnet Wii adaptors. I’ll check that out. I would GREATLY prefer to use some real classic hardware for these games. I have lots of those controllers. Even just using a SNES controller across the board would be swell.

EDIT: Yup, this looks great.



Then that’s the way to go.

Just note that the CCP is really great for a lot of Wii games like Xenoblade - which you absolutely should play.


Got my component cables. Tested a couple games so far. Looking pretty darn OK on my plasma. Some look better than others, though. Do I recall correctly that only some VC games are 240p? Dracula X and Shinobi look nice. Some minor blur on motion. Gaplus looks rather blurry, though. No way it’s at 240.


Most support 240p.

Only exceptions are a significant portion of the TG16/PCE game which are 240 but are blurred. Also, the arcade games a generally not 240p…the M2 ports notwithstanding.


unfortunately the a lot of the vc games use bilinear filtering by default regardless of the output resolution you use.

and unlike the 3ds there is no homebrew application or method to remove it.


That’s insane. What were they thinking? :roll_eyes:


Gotta “improve” things for modern platforms…


Wasn’t there a secret button combo to enable 240p? http://retrorgb.com/wiivsclassic.html

That site also shows how to add support for it on a modded Wii.


MaBoShi was the game I got the most out of on Wii eShop. The “circle” part of that game is pretty much perfect. I play it once a year, to get to get 1m points. I’ve only done that 3 times in 10 years.

It’s #558 in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

Here’s a review I wrote:

Wii version

You can send a version to your DS over Wi-Fi. I managed to extract the DS ROM from my Wii so I have a dedicated DSlite that boots MaBoShi when it’s switched on.

DS version


Circle in Maboshi’s Arcade is SO FUCKING GOOD.

It’s totally under appreciated.


I think I appreciate it enough for everybody :joy:


Huh. Never heard of that one. I’m taking notes here…


Grab it now while you can. It’ll probably be gone forever after the shutdown.


Once you’ve purchased MaBoShi, let me know if you need help extracting the DS ROM.