Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


Do you have a list of these 240p PCE VC games that are blurred in 240p so I can check out my own collection?

I do have some that I hacked from 480i to 240p but I haven’t noticed any 240p blurred ones but I was playing on a 13" monitor with a fairly low resolution shadow mask back then.

Also interested in any other VC games to investigate, regardless of platform, with bilinear filtering issues.


Bump! I made a discovery and now I’m wanting more advice…

A quick refresher on my situation: I bought a used Wii from a guy on GAF. Got about 70 VC games on it and I was looking to add more before the cutoff date. The SD card slot wasn’t holding the card but I used some slips of laminate to hold it in and it seems OK.

Now … yesterday I noticed a couple of the games weren’t working. Can’t move, copy or launch them. I thought I would just re-download them, thinking that maybe moving the SD card in and out had corrupted the file. I go to the Shop Channel and to the download list and … nothing but a couple of apps. It appears the guy likely pirated the games.

This means I probably won’t be able to ever transfer them to a Wii U, correct? (Not looking to “upgrade” them to the Wii U VC versions; just thinking it might be nice to have them on that console if I ever get a Wii U.) I don’t really want a Wii U right now, or maybe ever.

I’m also just wondering why some of the games are working and some aren’t. Or why the guy would pirate 70 games instead of putting hundreds on there…


Likely correct. Both the Wii U and Wii need access to the internet to check your license info and initiate the transfer.


Yes, you’re sadly out of luck. I reckon the non-working games are just bad installs by the previous owner: wrong region, bad pirated version, etc.

If the games once worked but have now stopped, that’s a different question.


I’m thinking I might legit purchase a few of the ones already here (like Rhondo of Blood) on the off chance I might want to drop them onto a Wii U one day.


I’d probably delete all the pirated crap and kinda start anew before downloading all the games you want to snag before the cutoff if only to be sure that Nintendo will recognize the right stuff when you go legit. That’s just me, though.

I really need to start purchasing some of the things I want before they go away. We’re down to about two and a half months.


So that is my dilemma now. Do I just write this off and look for another Wii with an existing library and just really be clear I want LEGIT games? Do I just get a fresh Wii (maybe with a handful of VC games, maybe not) and DL what I want? My whole idea here was to buy a digital “lot” so I could get the few I want along with some others. I might just post on ResetEra and see what happens. Kind of soured on GAF … feel like it’s all scrubs there now …

If anyone here is selling, I’m all ears…


It’s a tough call and totally depends on what you’re willing to spend. Maybe have a look at Craigslist locally to see what might be floating around? Consider too that this stuff is going to get rare quick once the service shuts down. The games that people can repurchase on Wii U not so much, but the ones stuck in the Wii Virtual Console and as WiiWare will become rare by legal means.

I’d try ResetEra over GAF now though. The exodus from GAF seems pretty big…

Maybe strike while the iron is hot on eBay before people realize that the March cutoff is coming?


I didn’t think Nintendo Did any checks. I heard you can just go online and buy games even if you were letter bombed. My Wii has a ton of games that I ripped to my hard drive now. I don’t have much VC stuff and the stuff I do have I got legit.

Is the Wii the best way to play MM8 & MM9?

If going legit will break my Wii I would rather just load the WADs at this point. If not, I wouldn’t mind going Legit. I could go Legit on Wii U and load the WADs on my Wii and perhaps feel a little less shit about myself going that route.


I honestly don’t know how they handle it on the Wii. I was thinking that any dupes of games might cause problems? I doubt you can actually break the Wii, but maybe mess up some games/downloads somehow?

My “Wii” is on my Wii U at this point. I have a second Wii upstairs but I use that only for disc-based games. Everything else is on the Wii U downstairs. That’s where I’ll buy the remainder of the stuff I’d like before the shutdown.


I’m kinda thinking about getting the Wii U and seeing if the stuff transfers. A lot of the games do work. I haven’t tested all of them. If it transfers, great. If not, then I can just buy the games I absolutely must have before the service shuts down via the Wii U virtual Wii virtual console (that’s a mouthful!). Could always look for a used Wii with a digital “lot” at any time and transfer in the future (or I guess maybe before Jan 2019).

But - I think I will put out a feeler on ResetEra right now. I’ve been looking on eBay and nothing much is there. There’s a TON of Wii’s with 40 VC games installed – always 40. I have to think those are pirated, too. There was one right when I started this search that over 200 games and they were asking $110 shipped. I didn’t bite and now I regret it.


As someone who had to restore lost VC games, Nintendo does a check against the serial number.

I also had a club Nintendo account, which Nintendo used to verify purchases.


That sounds like a great option. Wii U has some excellent games as well, and things that may get stuck on that device later on too. It’s the best of both worlds. I have a Gamecube for Gamecube games so that’s why Wii U is where I do my Wii gaming.


Just remember Wii U can’t do 240p. I found that out the hard way.


Right. That’s probably the main consideration. I’m going to eventually get the Wii down in my basement CRT setup at some point and that will be a big deal to have these games for that setup. Argh.

Anyone have any impressions on how the VC games look upscaled on the Wii U?


Wii on Wii U is obviously upscaled and somewhat blurry. A far cry from crisp Wii on an EDTV @ 480p.

Not the best video to show it due to it being forced into widescreen, but the first one I could find.


So the main thing I was looking for in the rumored Nintendo Direct came to fruition: more Wii U ports. I am pretty confident there will be even more. It’s confirmed for me that I do not need a Wii U.

So now I’m back to looking for a nice, well maintained Wii without the VC games (in addition to having pirated games, the console is really beat up). I’ll just drop some money on the games I really want. I own lots of retro systems so there’s really no need for tons of VC games. I have the real thing. But I’ll get Rhondo, several TG16 games, some arcade games and a few N64 games (since I will never own one of those) and then I have all the time in the world to round up cheap physical games to play with my young daughters in the coming years.


Don’t forget the Konami ReBirth games although there is a rumor they’re getting ported to Switch. Rondo is definitely worth it. TG-16 stuff is so affordable. Also, I loved MotoHeroz which I don’t think got ported anywhere else?


Wii U vWii has terrible PQ across the board. Non-integer scaling and significantly blurrier than Wii. Assuming you want to run Wii U up on a 480p capable CRT, setting the console to 480p causes even more blurring (bilinear filter?) to kick in that isn’t present when you have it set to 720p/1080p (no idea why). And output still isn’t integer scaled despite the fact it’s a simple 2x upscale/line doubling for 240p games.


Yea… there you have it. Well said, Mega.

It’s kind of crazy how Nintendo designed the Wii U with so many odd hardware quirks. It’s the quirkiest hardware they’ve ever made as far as options and settings are concerned.

Really, I love my Wii U and will always keep it hooked up no matter how redundant it gets from all the porting. But it really was so half baked even when it came to menu navigation and options. Heck, just opening up Miiverse took forever and it’s basically just a webpage.