Wii: CRT or LCD?

How do you guys play Wii games? I’m going back and forth on whether to use it with a CRT or an OSSC into a spare LCD. There really is no scanline benefit for games like Metroid Prime Trilogy or Mario Galaxy. I do use it to emulate Neo Geo games but connecting it to an OSSC would solve the scanline issue with 240p content. I’m basically deciding if its worth it to have a 100lb 29" CRT only for Wii stuff or a 15lb 42" LCD.

Does the weight really matter?

I’m playing my newest retro consoles (PS2, Xbox, Wii) on a 32" widescreen HD CRT, that does 480p, 720p and 1080i. It’s not about the visible scanlines, but more about being able to see an unfiltered, unscaled picture. Also, zero lag.

PC CRT for me. It seems to be nearly as good as Dreamcast via VGA but perhaps a little softer? I’ve not tried the Wii via OSSC upssamplex2 yet but didn’t like Wii on any LCD/Projector I tried at default 480p.

On a tangent, I saw citrus3000psi post on shmups about native Wii VGA 480p being discovered, I’m wondering how the picture compares to component and if it closes the gap vs the GCube’s slightly sharper 480p picture.

CRT no contest. Can’t stand the look of Wii games scaled.

I much prefer CRT for Wii games in general, but if I it’s the various Wii party games like Wii Sports etc, then a larger LCD is the way to go.

Generally I play in 480p on a PC CRT for just about every game and it’s been by far the best looking display I’ve ever seen these games on. For slower multiplayer games though, like recently some friends and I have been playing Mario Party, or just games that are more relaxed experiences in general that I care less about lag for, (because my Samsung 4k TV still has a noticeable slight display lag side by side to my CRTs) I really do love the look of widescreen Wii and PS2 games through the OSSC on a good HD display. The games still look pretty sharp thanks to the OSSC and all the extra screen real estate is hard not to like despite how much more crisp the CRTs can look

You’ve been had! If it’s a Sony it’s upscaling everything to 1080i and adding post processing that causes input delay ! (Still way better then a flat panel)

PC crt is hands down the best way to play 480p content but there are two issues.

1.) Size
2.) Wide screen games

Both of these can be eliminated with the sony gdm-fw900 if you can find one!

Set your OSSC’s 480p mode to linedouble & turn on upsample2x with some soft scanlines to give it a softer look vertically. It’s the best I’ve ever seen 480p and you can make it BIG.

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It’s a Samsung and nope, nothing is upscaled at those resolutions. It does upscale 240p/480i content though, as its minimum horizontal refresh rate is 31kHz like a VGA monitor. Using the 240p test suite on the Wii, I have one frame of delay in 240p mode, and zero frames of delay in 480p. Also, the flickering is noticeable when displaying 1080 interlaced content, flickering that completely disappears when displaying 480p or 720p.

Lucky ! I’ve heard about those samsungs that do true progressive scan and I think there’s a Toshiba model that does as well. Awesome score you got there !

Wow. Sounds like a real gem. I’m jealous.

Says the guy with the 20l5!

It’s not widescreen though. But yea I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I am thinking to try mimo genius in 240p in pvm bvm i am waiting my vga cable arrive, until now best options maybe pvm 20l5 480i and ossc with a good full hd tv

I say 480i i dont know but Mário galaxy had scanlines in my pvm

Oh now i renember i prefer 480i than 480p in mario galaxy, but now i wanna take 240p



Colors are stronger and this help in contrast i think

I currently have my Wii hooked up to my LCD TV through component, only because my CRT is a 20 inch 4:3 TV and I think it’s a bit tiny for the kinds of games the Wii has. Especially if I have friends over and they’re sitting on the couch on the other side of the room.

The picture is fine I think, but it is a LOT sharper on the CRT for sure. But in general I think that 3D games benefit a lot from a bigger screen compared to 2D games. I should start looking into geting a bigger CRT I guess.

thats… odd :thinking: