Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


Thanks, Mega. Sounds like a real mess.

Hardware question: looks like all the colored variants of the Wii are not backward compatible with GCN and don’t include the ports on the side. Is that right? I’m not fussed about he BC but it would be nice to use the Wavebird I suppose. Are there any other pros or cons to those newer models?


In general that’s true but there are some anomalies, my red 25th Anniversary Wii has BC for example.

I always go by what orientation the Wii logo is at. If it’s the right way up while the console is vertical, it’s the old one. If it’s the right way up while horizontal, it’s the new one.


I have the 25th anniversary red wii too! Best Wii system ever!


Either/any of you actually use the GC controller ports? If I have that Raphnet adaptor I’ll be able to use a plethora of classic controllers, including most of the matching VC platforms. I don’t think I’ll actually be using my Wii to play GC games since I have a GC hooked up to my PVM. I tried a little Metroid Prime on my plasma via Wii and it wasn’t great.


Yea, even if you don’t play GCN games on it, a ton of of Wii games that are compatible with GCN controllers if you’re so inclined.


This is a great rumour, where did you hear it?


I would be very happy and I think Konami would make some bank on that.


OMG, so I was literally just thinking about this last night. The trio of games for a $20 or so price point would be great. If they did this, then I think the worthwhile WiiWare games drops to a negligible number. Several good ones are available elsewhere and many of those people have said to check out (not here but elsewhere) just don’t seem appealing to me.

Ha, however, it probably won’t happen until they see a spike in sales around the end of March. If Nintendo can show Konami that these are among the most popular WW games at shutdown, then - and only then - would Konami pull the trigger. I might add the points but wait until the actual January shutdown to buy. If it comes out on Switch in the meantime then I have $30 extra to spend on some other VC classics.

Also, this would require a smart business decision and we are talking about Konami here.


It seems like something they can do with relative ease. M2 seems pretty good at keeping code around and/or doing without it by now. :slight_smile:

I know I need to add funds too. I’d really like these on Switch if possible though, so I’ll hold out as long as I can.


Are these any good? I am tempted to buy them now.


I’ve not purchased them but the consensus is that yes, they are great. Totally worth your time.


i’m never gonna be okay with konami not having released their rebirth series stuff on a disc


Maybe a Rebirth DX physical release for the Switch. One can dream


I feel like I should buy one of them before the deadline to see the quality for myself. YouTube videos just ruin the game for me so I like to experience it on my own.


Ive only played Castlevania and Contra, but they are both great. Castlevania moreso than Contra imo.


One more month!


I’m about to drop some dough on the VC. I will be avoiding NES, SNES and Genesis as I can play those games on OG hardware via RGB on a PVM. I’m mostly looking for other consoles or arcade games that are available much cheaper via the VC than investing in another console.

Will an OG SNES controller combined with a raphnet SNES to GameCube adapter work well? I’m inclined to go that route right now.

My working list (I haven’t played any of these games so lmk if they’re shit):

Castlevania Rebirth - already purchased
Contra Rebirth
Paper Mario
Dracula X: Rondo of Blood
The Dynastic Hero
Lords of thunder
Cho Aniki
Ninja Spirit
Bomberman Hero
Gradius Rebirth
YS 1-2
Metal Slug
Shock Troopers


Ralph makes excellent converters. He’s the best in the business in my humble opinion. I know Rich swears by him too.


For those that don’t know, MLiG said they’ll have a video up in a week or two so people will still have time to add funds before the March 26th deadline.


Nice. I’m going to add funds in the next few weeks and buy the Rebirth games at the very least since there’s just no sign of them coming to Switch other than those rumors from before. Lords of Thunder and a handful of shooters too maybe… Gleylancer might be another one.