WTB - Earthbound on SNES (any condition)

Pretty simple. I’m looking for a legit copy of Earthbound and would rather not deal with Ebay scammers and the potential of buying a bootleg. If someone wants to sell their copy please send me a PM.

Just the cart?

Yep. I’d be willing to entertain more than just the cart if the price is right, but I’m not after a complete set or anything

Hi there, I might be able to accommodate. Feel free to reply/PM on Discord if you’d like to discuss further.

Just to add here I have a spare cart but was then thinking the shipping would make it probably not worth it for either of us.

Kinda wonder how high the shipping would have to be to make that the debilitating cost for what the game goes for now.

Well the last parcel I sent to the UK cost $100 to send. We used to have an untracked parcel post option but that’s gone since covid and now you have to use either international courier ($$$) or express international courier ($$$$$).