WTB: Sega stuff! (Shining Force PD, Seag Ages, CARDBOARD)


Shining Force Premium Disc (Saturn) - $50
Sega Ages: Power Drift (Saturn) - $50

Popuful Mail - need just the disc! (Sega-CD) - $50?
Gain Ground (Genesis), Psycho Fox (SMS) - looking for cart only, $20
Space Adventure Cobra (Sega-CD) - $50 + a handjob of your style/fashion

also if anyone has weird old sega stuff, lemme know! looking for the box of a model 1 genny (altered beast pack-in),some old master system era Team Sega newsleetters, etc!

Sega Cardboard? No, Irish, you’re getting confused with Nintendo again. :joy:

In all seriousness, I don’t have any of the stuff you’re looking for. Would love a copy of Space Adventure cobra myself one day!

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