Retro Game Boards Age Ratio?


At over 200 users it’s 100% guaranteed at least 2 people share a birthday. :wink:

I’m 35-39.


Happy Birthday to you too!


Ha, ha, wow, that’s awesome!

And thanks everyone!


It’s not quite 100%.

You don’t reach 100% until you get to 366 people, but the chances are extremely likely at even 60 people.


We are going to rename it to retiredgameboards in a few years


They were born on the same day in the same year though. (That’s what I meant).


Back in my day Mario had to traverse levels uphill both ways, with ice physics!


In the 30-34 bracket myself. Cool idea for a thread.


I’m in the 35-39 bracket. Will be 36 in June.


I’m barely in the 25-29 bracket, I’m 25, turn 26 this August.