Any of your friends/acquaintances into the retro scene as well?


Just wondering if any of the people in your lives are into the retro gaming scene like you are.

Looking at my friends circle I’m just about the only one that’s really really into the retro scene. Some of my buddies appreciate the retro scene more than others but I don’t think anyone of them shares the passion and interest in it that I do. To each their own of course but man it would be nice to have more peeps to play with so all this stuff isn’t collecting so much dust :stuck_out_tongue: Though I’m to blame there as well as I don’t play much myself.

I always get more enjoyment out of playing these games with friends though so unless people are around that are interested, things usually don’t get much use.

Thanks to this site though @balb and I have started chilling since we’re super close by to each other so that’s been fun!


I have two friends that are into retro collecting. One focuses on authentic systems, a good CRT, and everdrives.

The other has a CRT as well as a Framemeister, and I’d guess 30 games or so per system.

Neither of them have large collections though, and neither do I.

Lots of my friends have played retro games in recent years, although mostly through emulation. We even did our own retro high score competition, very similar to what we do on this board weekly.

I’m lucky that I have a good group of friends that are all into gaming, and it helps that we’re all in mid-thirties to mid-fourties in age, so we all have a soft spot for retro games.


Yeah my core friends and I all grew up gaming, but the ones that still have time to game do so mostly on PC with games like Path of Exile or PubG, though we do all have Xbox Ones for our annual Halo retreat!


Path of Exile is an amazing game! I haven’t played it in a few years, but it’s definitely near the top for the best ARPGs of all time.


None of my friends are “into” retro games but they all enjoy playing them when they are over.

I had a friend who was as into retro gaming and collecting as much as I was but he married a very controlling wife and that was the end of that!


I have one friend I met at a meetup from the old site who posted on the Retro threads there. Some of you know the guy I’m talking about. He doesn’t post here though.

We meet every month or two to catch up and play retro games. At this point I think his collection is way cooler than mine, particularly his Saturn games. Chill guy.


Most of my local gaming friends love the games from the eras we all talk about, but their primary gaming time is done with modern games or board games. I keep up with them by playing Fortnite or some other new title that everyone goes all in on. I enjoy doing that too so it’s all good. One nice thing with playing lots of Fortnite lately is it costs me $10 every three months. All my regular game money is going into retro!

…and that reminds me I still have a serious number of acquisitions to post tonight in the pick-ups thread.

One thing I have that’s cool though is my three sons totally understand the days of old and will join me for some retro gaming sometimes. Depending how far back you consider retro to be, they already have “retro” of their own. The middle one was playing Luigi’s Mansion on the Gamecube the other day. He often is my retro guy and will play Neo Geo stuff with me and all sorts of odd things I come home with.

I do love that we have a huge collection of what they consider retro to go along with what I love from the 16-bit era. I love 8-bit, but I wouldn’t say I collect it heavily right now.


Yeah at this point, my 3 yr old only plays retro stuff.

I know it’s probably a biased opinion, but I truly believe retro (8-bit & 16-bit) gaming is the best there is for introduction into gaming. Some games are as simple as hold a single button to finish a race (Excitebike), and can grow as complex as you want, as skills progress.

My son’s first ever game was Super Mario Bros., and I’m proud of that. I am super excited to have him grow up as my gaming buddy, and watch his skills surpass mine. Gaming is literally a lifelong passion of mine, and I hope he ends up feeling the same way.


I gifted my youngest nieces an NES Classic last year and they got a real kick out of it, as did their mom lol. They very much enjoyed Super Mario Bros. and rescuing the princess.


Nah, I’m on a solo trip. My friends played 3rd-6th gen back in the day because it was current gen; none of them actively play retro games today. Any discussion of video quality or CRT’s (let alone RGB, scanlines, input lag, PVM/BVM, etc) is usually greeted with a blank stare, lol.

[edit] actually my nanny’s husband is in to retro gaming. I sold him my old PVM-1351Q that @Mega tipped me off to years ago on gaf. It was $95 shipped; nice deal.


My offline friends aren’t into video games that much, and the stuff they play is just modern mainstream (Halo, Forza, etc.). I have a few cousins that branch into more genres but I think they mostly stick to current releases.


Just me and husband really. Have a few friends who play modern stuff casually and don’t mind a spot of older games, but it’s all very light compared to us.

My only exposure to other retro peeps in NZ is resellers and the people who bid their wares up to the sky, and one time I went to a “retro museum” setup at a general tech convention, but just found myself irritated at the poor quality displays and the use of RF/composite, bleh. The people I met there weren’t very sociable but the ones I did talk to seemed to be more self-confessed hoarders than people that actually had a setup and played their games etc.

Guess I just need to produce a couple more future retro kids :sweat_smile:


None of my current friends know what I’m playing; we have other common interests. Some of them are quite involved in the modern scene, playing the PS4 and online PC games like Overwatch. I probed them to know what were their opinion of old games, but they just aren’t interested. Not dismissive, just busy enough with current games. So we talk about other things.

I’ve told my current gf that I was into old console and electronics, but I don’t think she quite understands what that means. She has yet to come here and witness the reality of the madness haha.




I don’t know anyone irl that is into gaming in general quite like I am, let alone retro. I have friends that dabble in it because of childhood nostalgia but it isn’t a thing of importance in their life. Which isn’t a bad thing. A couple of friends who are into tabletop games the way I am into the vidya, and another who is into computer tech, not just how it relates to gaming, the way I am into gaming. Has old servers and what not in his house. The closest to my mindset is one guy who is more of a collector/hoarder then I am. Probably the only person I know that I would trust with my stuff though since he would keep it nice/not just sell it off or trash it.

I realized this years ago, that I have no irl friends that are into the same stuff as I am, but then also decided I didn’t really care since I am primarily into single player games anyway, and the online stuff I did at the time was MMOs which didn’t really need irl friends. Or at that time even talking. I still enjoy events like MAGfest every year since I get to be around the “scene”. Same reason I go out to eStarland once a month even though their prices arn’t the greatest.

The way I play games isn’t the best for group situations either since I’m super ocd about collectables and exploration to an extent that just be tedious for others watching/participating. Seems few people like to talk to every npc in an rpg multiple times every time you visit town just to see if they have anything new to say and if they say more then one thing. It also makes watching others play games aggravating as I see all the stuff they arn’t checking out/collecting.


I’m lucky enough to have two friends into retro games. One is more casual, emulating a few games here and there, but he has great taste and has introduced me to several gems I hadn’t heard of.

The other is as deep into it as I am. I sold him a PVM a couple years ago for cheap and he’s all in with a really nice collection (nicer than mine for sure). He has modded consoles and does chiptunes as well.


Hah. You started them down this dark path! :smiley:


I can’t take all the credit, he was already into retro games pretty hard, he just didn’t have a good CRT to play them on, so I helped him out! I hope it helped him play and explore more games though.


I started hording old electronics/games after my gf,now wife, moved in. I think that’s the secret!


Yep, have some friends IRL that are into retro gaming, talk about it and share gameplay videos, etc. But most of them aren’t looking for expand their collection and are satisfied with their stuff they bought at the time. I think I’m the only one that buy old games nowadays.