Retro Chat 2019 - Like Discord but more forumy!

Hey RGB,

I spend a lot of time on our Discord, but I often find I want to post here more often when I’m just shooting the breeze with folks.

This thread is here to fill that gap; if you’re like me and feel like you have to post something substantive/well-written/perfect every time, never fear! You can post whatever here and just chat and be cool.

Sometimes you may want to branch off into another thread or go ask a question somewhere else as a result of chatting here. Maybe you don’t want to post in the setup thread just yet because you don’t have it finalised. Or maybe you just wanna talk about something pretty random. This thread gotchya.

So what’s up RGB?



I have not much retro (or modern) stuff to discuss at the moment due to no new purchases for months and not much time to play stuff either.

Just been playing Revenge of the Gator really. Being a bad retro motherf#%er playing DMG on my lunch break.

I once saw a dude maybe 5 years ago on the city link bus playing Kirby’s Dreamland at full volume.

He was dressed in full army getup too, it was so weird.

Use dem headphones fam.

The Game Boy even came with them.

How active is the discord anyway? I kinda dropped out of it when I realized how much time I could end up spending there instead of gaming when the year got busy and haven’t gone back yet.

It’s very active.

I beat Phantasy Star 1 last night and really loved it ! I’m tempted to just jump right into 2 now as I’m not feeling any genre fatigue

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Dang. Guess I’ll return. Someday I suppose. I mean who doesn’t need a voice of constant negativity?

Whaaaat? Mine did not.

It was a trip hearing the music randomly in public. He did seem kinda stuck on the first level though by the sounds of things.

Stuck in Kirby ? I’m surprised he even managed to leave the house !

All original box versions came with headphones and link cable.

in Japan too

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I appreciate this thread because I haven’t really gotten on board with the idea of Discord replacing forum discussions. I’ve considered hopping on the RGB discord, but I generally don’t have much time to check in that often. When I do I prefer the organization of topics that comes with a message board so that I can quickly skim rather than scroll through a long list of messages trying to piece together a certain conversation. I also come from a time when chat meant IRC but it was never seen as competition, just another form of communication that filled a different need.

But cool if the Discord thing is working out for others, I’ll just have to settle for RGB forum leftovers. :smile:

Other than that, it’s 3:15am where I am right now and jet lag + illness totally screwing up my sleep, so not more to add other than rambling thoughts…

Mine was a transparent one!

Rambling thoughts are welcome!

I’m a fan of threads more than discord. It’s impossible to keep up with important topics. Ironically, this is the type of topic I would read in discord.

Anyway, I’ve been sick for a few days and haven’t felt like gaming. I’ve been binge watching Future man and the Good place. I took some Sudafed and now I’m wired at nearly 1am.

Also, I bought a PC Engine Core Grafx this past weekend. I’m exited yet not. I’m scared at a new money pit (of awesome) I’m about to come into. Also I’m worried that mister will be so good that by the time I spend whatever it costs to get a ssds3 and the correct boards to fix the issues the mister will have PCE CD support.

Going to try to sleep. Night.

To echo what others have said, I like the idea of discord but way too busy to keep up on it and always felt behind so I haven’t been active since, well, this site was setup. So I was “active” for like a week? lol.

So far so good on my retro new years resolution of not buying anything. I’m still waiting for my Black Friday Mega Everdrive X7 from krikzz. I emailed them last week and they said a lot of the deliveries are still outstanding so nothing out of ordinary. One ERA user in the midwest got their GB one recently so still holding out for it. I’m way out in the Pacific NW. Soon. Please be excited I guess, lol.

I’m hopefully moving in the next several months so I think I need to take a hard look at my collection and start thinning it out. I’ve never considered myself a collector although I feel like I’ve almost become a hardware collector and not a software one. That said, picking up hardware usually is in the form of bundles so software is included. I don’t have anything amazing to unload but do eventually plan to post a FS thread here. I also need to get my 2nd/toy/autocross car fixed since I got in a stupid wreck a couple months ago. Also think I need to sell a couple of my og BMX bikes from back in the day. Haha, and now this has turned into a “Everything must go!” carpet/furniture store ad so I’ll end it at that lol.

I finished Phantasy Star the other day and jumped right into 2. The Switch version of the first game spoiled me with all the item, armor, and spell descriptions. I’m playing the 2nd game using only the original instruction manual and the original hintbook. The hardest part is trying to figure out who can equip what.

I wish I had the real hint book ! I have the Sega ages collection on ps2 which is how I’ll probably play 2. I’ve heard it’s very grindy and I think I’d enjoy it alot more with the ages enhancements.

I’m curious to hear what you think of 2 as you progress !

Is this because I said my Discord to RGB ratio is 99/1? >_>

Sweet thread :slight_smile:

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I’m really enjoying it so far, but keep in mind the game does not hold your hand at all. Dungeons are huge and sprawling, and are a real challenge. I don’t honestly find it all that grindy so far, just buy a lot of healing items and don’t be afraid to use your techs