2 new NEO GEO consoles and a new METAL SLUG in development


The Future is Now!

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Looking forward to a New Metal Slug, hope they nail the look in 3d this time (I’m assuming it’ll be 3d)

Two consoles announced wtf that seems odd

If I still can’t afford an new, home Neo Geo console as an adult in 2019, SNK isn’t doing it right.



Time to get a second job!

Well…it’s time for me to get into the Metal Slug games. I haven’t really gotten into the series much at all but I will fix that.

I’ve been contemplating getting an AES for a while, which isn’t something I should do considering I have a Saturn. A new Neo Geo would be something of interest.

Play them in order. That’s my advice. You can skip 2 if you play X, but I recommend you play them both honestly.

I wouldn’t spend much money to play 4 though. It’s weak.

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Metal Slug 8 hype.

I wonder if one of the consoles is that rumored bartop unit.

Ah, gotcha, I shall do that later on this year.

Well, considering that the Saturn only have a little part of the NG library (and only some of them are actually good ports), I don’t know if one excludes the other.

Wonder why they never brought Metal Slug 3d to the west that game looks really fun. It’s also already in english so what the heck.

I heard it’s not great. Never played it myself though.

Gears of War sort of felt like a western 3D take on the Metal Slug series, but without the cool art style, decent bosses, or tight controls. It was still fun though. Just not as charming.

It wasn’t that popular here in Japan either. I had no idea there was a 3D Metal Slug game.

If they made a decent Setup unit were we can add more/new games via physical release or download, Standard HID USB or Old School USB Ports, decent emulation of the classic titles then maybe.

Asking for the old DB15 AES style controller ports might be asking for much, but standard USB with no weird propitiatory protocols (like how the PS3 was) would be great.

Maybe the two consoles is a Premium and Basic editions.
From the rumor mill its what Microsoft is doing with the next gen Xbox (a basic version (no disc drive), and a premium version with a optical disc drive).

How would you play them? I feel infinite lives/continues would probably make it a bit pointless?

For me, it’s about seeing how I can beat them with as few continues as possible. It counts them at the end. I just try to shoot for as low of a number of continues as possible along with as high of a count of saved POWs as possible.

I don’t pay attention to score.

Yep, same here, the fewer continues used the better.

Same here, I try to play for the 1cc and high score. I’ve cleared the first game on 4 credits, so I’m getting close.

On Metal Slug 3 I can usually clear the first 3 stages on 1 credit, but the last few stages really wreck my run. I think my best was 25 credits.

Alright thanks, I guess thats the way to do it. I am kinda old-school in the way that i actually like to have limited lives/continues and then when I beat it within that limit, it feels like I have accomplished something. With endless, I get way too reckless after a while lol.

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