2 new NEO GEO consoles and a new METAL SLUG in development

Yeah, I agree with you man, it makes it feel more rewarding too. With endless you don’t have to try as hard, but with limited you have to learn the game to overcome it, and that’s why it’s better to go limited IMO.

Limited will work for MS1, 2, and X. In fact I’ve beaten MS1 on one credit before. And I’ve beaten X in 4 creditS.

But Metal Slug 3 is just too punishing in my humble opinion. It’s the coolest game in the series with some of the best spritework of possibly any game ever made. But the last level is just all sorts of insanity that is just too chaotic for me to learn.

After encountering that game, I just sort of Rambo my way through the series without memorizing as much. I wonder, how many lives did the AES release give you?

Good question. I own the MVS-releases, which I guess can toogle AES-mode, should check it out!