Animated avatars have been enabled.


Keep it clean, folks.




Ooh time for me to choose a new avatar then!


Nice one Kawika.


I can’t figure out which one to use. lol I keep changing it. Which one did you like?


The one where Samus goes from morph ball into recovery position. It was perfect👌🏻

Edit: yep! That one! So cool


I really like this one and a few others. So many good Samus ones.

Edit: Went back to the morph ball. I am going to keep looking but this is the one for now.


How about disabling avatars?


This is awesome. Now I feel like I’m back browsing geocities sites looking for FAQs


Not sure how I feel about this. I like creative options, but also makes browsing a lot more distracting.


If enough people feel the same way, we can turn it off


I went into this thread thinking it was cool, but browsing threads with your avatar @Peltz, it just makes me realise I found the animated ones annoying back on Gaf in the long run.


Noted. I’ll be turning this off. Thanks for everyone’s honest feedback.