Animation Generation, making classic game art come alive

Greetings all! I’ve been animating some box art using an app called, Werble and thought it would be fun to put them all in one spot for all to see. For the most part I’ve done Genesis, which is why Ive only posted in that thread. Anyway, with out crapping up that thread, here are some that I have done already. Suggestions are welcomed. Enjoy!


Whoa, this is crazy, nice idea as well!

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Basically like 80s ads haha.

That was such a trope, the poster or TV image coming to life, to the surprise and amazement of the person watching.

These are brilliant, such a neat idea!

such a cool app!

Atari boxes would be neat to see.

That Ghouls N’ Ghost cover is amazing!

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This is like 1000 times cooler than I thought it would be.

Holy shit at the Alisia Dragoon one (0_0)

This is beyond cool

Awesome! Thanks for enhancing Ghouls ‘n Ghosts’ box art, it looks amazing.

The Alisia Dragoon one made me laugh out loud. Excellent stuff.

Someone asked for Shinobi. Wish granted.


Looks amazing.

If you can do something with Kid Chameleon and/or Splatterhouse 2, that’s be cool. Might be a little more cartoonish than the others.

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Those might be tough because like you said, too cartoony. Splatterhouse 3 might be a good one.


These two might be better suited

Good call! Streets of Rage 3 is a good one.


Awesome. :bowing_man:

Ecco the Dolphin, Fatal Fury, Truxton and Samurai Shodown would be cool to do.

Only testing, watermark and all. How do I make the effect box laid on top a certain size except square?!


Use the transform button and stretch the layer.

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