Anyone here try Mario Kart Live - Home Circuit? That AR Mario Kart toy

Just curious - I know we have a few serious Nintendo collectors on the site. I’m interested to know what you think of it. Like LABO, it’s one of those things I want to check out some day, but don’t have the space for in my tiny apartment. Is it worth checking out? Or is it something that doesn’t really feel good to play?

I just don’t have enough flat, bare floor space of the right type.

We have it, it seems really cool (and the perspective from your floor is amazing!) but we also don’t have much floor space (and have a baby who can’t help but chase and pick up the karts).

We’re about to move to a new place that has a nice big vinyl floor area though, so really looking forward to breaking them out again!


Ooohh… so does that mean new retro setup pics are coming soon? :drooling_face:

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Would have been a dream toy for me as a kid.

Maybe I can buy it for my nieces as my brother’s place has more room.

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Definitely! Planning a game library for under the stairs :sweat_smile:

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Like Harry Potter, but with videogames.

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I tried it at a friends house. I thought it was surprisingly fun. The actual track is up to you to make imaginative and cool though. It was mostly the fact to drive from the cars perspective that pulled me in. If you want to just mess around with it as a RC car then putting it on the fastest mode is the best, you can go full speed, hit the brake and get a little slide going.