Post your Retro Setup in Here


It’s time to get this party started people!



Really nice setup. Very clean looking.

What is that MVS console you have there btw? Edit: Sorry, it’s AES right? :smiley:

I’ll post some pics here when I manage to take some decent ones…


Here’s a panorama of my geek/gaming/man cave

Has all my electronics, retro gaming, and audio listening needs met :slight_smile:


Woooo retro setups!


That room looks comfy as fuck, Cyborg.


Oh man! I’m so happy to see these setups again! I’m all packed up for an impending move so here’s my “dirty ass neglected work bench setup”



Surprised this wasn’t the first reply, honestly.


I always like the fact that it was a Silver Gamecube, but a purple controller… What happened to cause that mismatch? It’s the little details that make those pics great.


I love the simplicity and purity of Gamecube hut.


I love that pvm cart. need to get something like that. too.


Bit crappy pic, it was very dark so I had to brighten it, making the screens look completely white.

Added a few more consoles into the shelf these days; a Super Famicom and a PSone too!



Killer man cave Yawnny


I’ll post my setup here as well. From left to right: PVM-20M4E, PC Engine Duo, NTSC SNES mk2 (1chip), RGB AV Famicom, Saturn, PS1 and Megadrive mk1. Top it off with my Joytech scart switchboxes to keep everything hooked up at once.


Moved house not long ago so this is one of my older (apartment) setups.


You know what, it’s almost been 2 years since I last posted my setup. I think this is the perfect time to post some updates. I’ll go and do that right now. Can’t wait to see more setups o here tw, always one of my favorite topics.


Ohh, Peagles one-ups me by having THREE Joytechs


It had to be done xD


What is a Joytech and why do you need more than one?