LABO - Nintendo’s New Way to Play Specifically for Kids Announcement

It’s in 16 minutes from now. I assume it’s nothing, but it could be cool to have a thread about it. Let’s see.

My body is… well, you know.

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That’s rather ingenious. My kids are probably out of the target market, but if they were younger, we’d be all over this. It looks simultaneously fun, educational, and inspiring. I really can’t think of anything quite like it?

They’re batshit crazy and I love them for it. Wow


This really upends the table. I’ve got the same feeling I got when they announced the Wii. Amazing stuff and totally from left field. Bravo Nintendo.

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My thoughts from the discord:

“Yeah not my jam (yet), but kids will love it, which is the point. And those things are going to get demolished. Ripped, torn, stepped on, spilled on, etc.”

So yeah…if I were a parent, given the price, I’d be hesitant. That being said these thing are going to sell like crazy I think…at least at the start. To me it all hinges on the durability.

I just applaud them for the sheer creativity of the concept. It uses the unique modular nature of the Switch to its fullest extent.

But yea… there’s an elephant in the room… and it’s made of cardboard… and that is simply not durable. I actually think that if the coinciding games are good, third parties will create plastic versions of the same items to capitalize on the craze (if one develops).

It sounds insane, but I am likely down to buy this on day 1.

This article says it’s rather durable stuff. Notable is that Nintendo expects hacks. What does that mean? Is there some programming-type option here that they haven’t shown yet?

Well yeah, of course they are gonna say it’s durable :slight_smile:

Cardboard can be tough stuff, but don’t underestimate children and their ability to destroy just about anything.

I too applaud the creativity, but that’s only part of the puzzle. These things have to survive the kids, and I’m skeptical. Time Will tell. I’m sure they’re doing the best they can to make sure these hold up, but there’s only so much you can do with cardboard I imagine.

You can just call me…

Well, as someone who had kids in the age range quoted, they can be pretty good with things they love. I’m sure Nintendo will sell replacement stuff too if I had to guess. I had three boys and my house is still standing and all our consoles and controllers survived for the most part. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Mr. Killington, I think we can agree that Labo is inventive and fresh!

That indeed! Will be interesting to see how this goes!

The price though… that’s a lot of mula for cardboard :expressionless:

Cardboard is meant to be destroyed at some point. The whole idea is to be temporary constructions. You make them play with them, use them until they’re worn out or you’re bored, and carry on with another project. Cardboard is super cheap, I’m sure Nintendo will sell replacement for a penny and still make a profit, and if they don’t China will.

There’s a disconnect between this sentiment and the price point, but you are correct in that if Nintendo doesn’t offer dirt cheap replacements for the cardboard components, someone will.

But to be fair we don’t know the price for replacements yet and how much of the bundle price the cardboard pieces take up.

I can’t wait to walk around in this thing:


Great idea! Should be around $20-30ish range though and If it was, I would try it.

It does come with a retail game. So theoretically the cardboard is adding another $10 to the cost.

Who knows how robust the software experience is though.

I think they mean people will mod these kits.

I don’t want to be a Debbie downer but how good did Amiibo Turn out? How about Wii Fit? I have Target market children and for the price they are charging for their version of Google VR I can buy tons of card board and Lego and other things. My daughter broke a wood chair the other night by doing some crazy acrobatics off of it (she’s 33 lbs) so I think the cardboard will die in the first 20 minutes.

I kinda would have more respect for the thing if it didn’t even bother incorporating the Switch (at least at first). Either way, I was wrong about so many things Nintendo and if I had it my way we’d all be playing the Dreamcast 3 and Final Fantasy would still be good.