Arcade Game/PCB Collecting: A Thread for Gamers With More Money Than Sense


This is a bit random, but does anyone know for certain if the JP XBLA port of Virtua Striker can be played with digital controls? (The D-pad as opposed to the analogue stick?) I’m interested in grabbing it for my cab, but only if I can wire it up to my digital controls.


It supports D-pad controls, you can download a demo if you want to try it out yourself.


Got an MVS MV1C in the post to me! Will be building a console out of it, a lot easier to plan for than my MV1FS.

As the bios isn’t socketed, I’ll be using a Neobiosmasta - it’s sold out but the PCB is shared on oshpark so I’ll build one myself. I’ll have a few left as it’s a minimum order of 3 boards, so hit me up if anyone wants one.


Holy shit, i need this controller in my life!


I’ve made some progress working on my Naomi cab. I cut the legs down on the weekend, and I am ready to start cleaning it and repaint it. This was the largest obstacle; I was really afraid I’d fuck something up, but it work out perfect (so far.)


Cleaning and prepping for paint…


(After cleaning)


I’ve been looking at different Superguns and it appears that only a handful of people are still making these. I really like the look of the Windy Gaming Supergun but I notice that it doesn’t have RGB adjustment knobs. Does anybody have experience ordering from them? Do they customize their Superguns at all? Thanks!


I have little knowledge in the super gun area but I do know windy super guns blow up the Gscartsw. Not sure why but their lines must be coming in too hot which would make me think twice about the product.


Good to know. I have a gscartsw but I’d probably run direct into my framemeister if I wasn’t using my CRT set up in the basement.


That’s a damn shame.


Have you reached out to Jamma Nation x?


Not yet. It’ll probably be a bit before I pull the trigger on one. Wasn’t sure what kind of prices to expect. According to the website they aren’t taking orders for them any more so I’m not sure that will end up being an option.


I believe most of them have physical controls for the individual RGB pots, but access to them may be a different story based on the casing.

A lot of them use video scalers/processors based on this GBS-8220

I am using the HAS Supergun V3, and it’s fantastic. RGB is a great guy to deal with as well.

@D.Lo is using the Smallcab IIRC, maybe he can chime in on his experience with it?


I used a Smallcab supergun for a couple of years before buying the HAS and it served me very well, no problems or issues with it whatsoever.


Good to know. They seem very reasonably priced, too. I was thinking of picking one up to set up and leave on my MV1C MVS.


I just hopped on the Arcade-Projects boards to grab that HAS-link, and I see that RGB linked an adapter to use the OSSC with the HAS.


I’m using a Retroelectronik. Was looking at the HAS but it was out of stock. I have one of his Saturn adapters on the way though!

The Retroelectronik is high quality and certainly works flawlessly with MVS and CPS2, and was cheap.

CPS2 outputs a super strong signal. It looks perfect on my CRT, but I need to reduce gamma on the Framemeister.


I am also using the Retroelectronic, and its an awesome product that works flawlessly as D.Lo says, and has tons of features. However, I only get sound when trying to use it with the gscart/Framemeister-combo, but that might be because of the rgb-cable im using, going to try to it with another one soon.

Would definitely stay away from the Windy-gun as that kills stuff with its high voltage.


Edit: The japanese games are Metal Slug 1 (so i have two of this) and Shoock Trooper 2.

My MVS-games, was lucky and found six locally. Also have the original Shoock Trooper, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4, Burning Fight, king of fighters 99 and KoF 00 on the way.


Chopping, sanding and painting is finally finished, so I put the monitor back in over the weekend to start testing the wiring. It’s going to be based on the JAMMA spec for my CPS2, MVS and NAOMI boards, but I will primarily be using it with a Dreamcast (with GDEMU) and occasionally an XBOX 360.