"Custom-Built Live-Streaming Arcade Cabinet!"

Friend just shared this with me and thought some of you all might be interested. Certainly an interesting idea.

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Yeah that’s pretty cool. I haven’t found anyone that streams through twitch on an arcade cabinet with MAME. It seems it’s always on an lcd.

You’d probably need to make the monitor rotatable to get the full MAME potential. But then the tate mode game would stream out as sideways. :confused:

If it was an actual arcade board with the video captured and streamed that would be way cooler.

No arguing there. Would be very cool.

This is totally possible with legit hardware. I’d love to see that. The emulation looks okay though.

But what’s up with the odd underscan on the CRT? I’d rather see a slight overscan than underscan.

Yeah legit hardware option would be great, all you’d really need is a jamma harness and power supply added in.

But, like most good things, it’d be prohibitively expensive for streaming a variety of arcade games, which I think is the intention behind this. Especially when I assume the output to twitch will look like MAME on a flatscreen with no filter anyway.

The underscan is kind of weird. In my experience with American arcade cabs, the bezel will always cover the edges of the screen, but definitely not even close to that amount.

Very cool idea, but damn, please get some wire management in that cab!