Arcade Game/PCB Collecting: A Thread for Gamers With More Money Than Sense


Ah yeah, sorry about that D.Lo, forgot they have a post limit in order to see the marketplace! But thanks for linking that tomwhite!

There’s two ways you can power it, you can use a regular computer/laptop PSU (I believe RGB supplied them at one point, or he did, either way I’m sure he’d link you to a brand that would work) or you can do what I did and use an arcade PSU. The only thing is, you will have to modify a main’s cable if you go that route, but if you’re just planning on playing CPS2 games a regular PSU will work fine. I went with an arcade PSU as some (typically older) games require a little more juice to run them, and you can adjust the voltage depending on the PCB.


What kind of laptop PSU would work?

I certainly don’t see myself going beyond CPS2 and MVS for a while at least!


Cool, yeah, asking him direct is the way to go as honestly I don’t know which one he uses/recommends. He’ll point you in the right direction for one. :slight_smile:


I’ve asked, will see how we go.


Fuck me. I just bought an MV1fz Neo Geo board and five MVS carts for 250$. I guess i need a supergun right?


I grabbed a basic one since the recommended ones were out of stock.

I also grabbed an MVS since I already had KOF97 on MVS from years ago. So now I have two arcade boards :wink:


What did you grab then? I have really no idea what to go for, i just know i need one to play this awesome Metal Slug cart that came with it!


I grabbed a retroelectronik one in the end.

RE MVS I grabbed a MV1fz.

On the other hand the post office has lost my CPS2 game in the mail ugh. Will see if it ever arrives now or if I’ll have to get another.


Cool, I was thinking about grabbing from retroelectronik as well, but kinda want a boxed one. Hmm. And did you already have a psu? or did you find a decent seller online?

Good luck on the CPS2-games, have they showed up yet?


Game showed up, was delivered to a neighbour :roll_eyes:

Just using a 320W PC PSU for now is the plan, looking into the details it has all the juice a 1-slot MVS and CPS2 need, but I’d need more for certain other PCBs.

I may build a boxed solution with these parts, will see, or eventually grab a pre-made supergun.


Came across this in my basement so figured I’d share. Fun puzzle game by Cave called Up Poko.


It’s a hit with the kids. The game is controller entirely with the joystick. You move the joystick down, and that controls how for your bubble launches. Think of it like pinball. Objective is to match colors so they pop and clear the course before you get overwhelmed. Like with similar style games they introduce some more unique bubble types later on.


Sounds like a cool game.


Glad the CPS2 showed up, I got my first four MVS-carts today too, but still havent decided on a supergun - and the 1-slot MVS is still in shipping. Superhyped to really get this setup up and running though.


Zero 2 means life.


The best arcade game ever. Congrats.


I re-acquired a Naomi Universal Upright cab after selling my old previous one only a few months before serendipitously buying a house (I was previously living in a tiny condo and the machine was in storage almost exclusively the entire duration of my ownership.) It was some ‘Gift of the Magi’-shit…

While this unit isn’t in nearly as pristine shape as my previous cab, restoring it will be a project that I am looking forward to undertaking.

It has been fully dissembled (I had to do this in order to get it in my basement) and this was the push I needed in order to begin cleaning and performing the ‘sit-down’ modification I toyed with on my last Naomi cab.

While I have a Naomi with a handful of carts and a NetDimm, I will be converting this model to JAMMA wiring, and using it with a Dreamcast/GDEMU setup, occasionally subbing it out for my CPS2 and MV1C.

It’s has a Toshiba 29" 31 khz CRT that’s in really good shape, but it will require a scaler if I wish to use my CPS2 or MVS in it. (The seller was super cool and included one, along with a JAMMA to USB interface for controls, as he had it setup for MAME.)

I’d like to document my progress, as I had to scour many sources and boards (many of which are now defunct) in order to gain enough understanding to get the confidence in getting an arcade cab and supergun setup running. I figured this may be a helpful resource to those who are thinking about taking the plunge as well.

Here is a photo of my disassembled Naomi in my terrifying unfinished basement.



I wish someone would work out a way to port the Naomi exclusive games to something, ideally DC of course lol. I wanna play that Harrier game!


Planet Harriers was one of the few games on the Hikaru platform, not Naomi. I have played it via emulation and thought it a pretty poor game, you aren’t missing out on much.

Are there really any games of value that haven’t already had home ports from the Naomi 1/2 or the GD-ROM Systems? Slashout and Virtua Fighter 4: Final Tuned come to mind but very little else.


I wish Monkey Ball got a Dreamcast port. Virtua NBA would’ve been nice, too. Graphically, tt still looks pretty great. (I prefer arcade sports games over sims.)

I connected my Dreamcast to the cab’s 31khz monitor, and was blown away by how great House of the Dead 2 looked. I’ll post some photos when I make a bit more progress.


It would have been cool but really having the Gamecube as the initial port platform made sense considering the Dreamcast was all but done for by that time. The Gamecube’s far superior analog stick with the notches are so well suited to the game, can’t imagine it playing well on the Dreamcast pad.

Also think that having the groundwork of Gamecube development meant the enhanced Monkey Ball engine used in F-Zero GX turned out as well as it did.

I hope to be able to play it with the original arcade control panel one day for that pure banana based experience!