Atari 2600 collection (bulk buy) - Worth it?

I found a local ad, with a bunch of Atari 2600 games. He had them all priced individually for anywhere from $1 to $5.

They were all pretty cheap to begin with, but I decided to ask him if he would take a price for the full lot (I don’t have any 2600 games yet).

All together the full price he had laid out was $127. I offered $80, and he countered with $104 (52 games, $2 ea).

Here’s the list of games, do you think this is a deal worth taking? All prices are CAD funds.

Missile command
Space Invaders
Donkey Kong
Night Driver
Star Raiders
Video Pinball
Slot Racers
Space Attack
Space Jockey
Space war
Street racer
Super challenge baseball
Indy 500
Laser blast
Lock ‘n’ chase
Maze craze
Pele’s soccer
Chopper command
Demons to diamonds
Dodge ‘em
Yars’ revenge
Realsports baseball
Air-sea battle
Realsports Football
Video Olympics
Haunted house
Home run
Super challenge Football
Sears Target fun
Air Raiders
Sears Baseball
Sears Pac-man
Armour Ambush
Fire fighter
Star ship
Video chess
Sears Asteroids
Sears Space Invaders
Sears Circus

I think I answered my own question… here’s the pricing from VGPC:

54 games actually, this list is 53, plus he’s throwing in “Combat” for free for some reason.

USD pricing for this list.

Air Raiders $4.29
Air-sea battle $4.51
Armour Ambush $3.44
Asteroids $4.51
Astroblast $3.04
Basketball $4.25
Berzerk $4.93
Bowling $3.26
Casino $2.87
Chopper command $4.96
Crackpots $8.00
Defender $4.38
Demons to diamonds $2.94
Dodge 'em $3.39
Donkey Kong $5.94
Fire fighter $2.59
Football $3.38
Golf $3.99
Haunted house $5.36
Home run $3.50
Indy 500 $6.98
Laser blast $4.98
Lock ‘n’ chase $2.48
Maze craze $4.93
Missile command $4.23
Night Driver $4.55
Pac-man $5.98
Pele’s soccer $4.75
Phoenix $4.97
Realsports baseball $3.36
Realsports Football $2.91
Sears Asteroids $4.51
Sears Baseball $4.00
Sears Circus $4.50
Sears Pac-man $5.98
Sears Space Invaders $6.15
Sears Target fun $2.76
Slot Racers $3.99
Space Attack $3.64
Space Invaders $6.15
Space Jockey $3.61
Space war $2.92
Star Raiders $8.37
Star ship $11.00
Street racer $4.42
Super challenge baseball $3.82
Super challenge Football $3.00
Surround $5.40
Vanguard $4.44
Video chess $4.38
Video Olympics $4.90
Video Pinball $4.38
Yars’ revenge $4.63
TOTAL $240.60

The price may be good, but I’d say it’s only worth it if those games are something you’d enjoy playing. I grew up with the system, so the nostalgia is there, but I still have a really hard time going back and playing Atari 2600 games for more than a few minutes at a time. Most of what’s listed would just collect dust on my shelf.

You’re paying for all the games, even if you don’t play them. Tick all the games you really want, and how much they’re worth. If it’s more than the asking price, then it’s good for you.

How much do you value the games you want? That’s the real question. Every game in the list can be found individually if needed at a later point. It’s only a bargain if you care for what you’re buying, else it’s a waste of money regardless of the price.

Yeah you guys make good points… I’m fully aware that these will mostly be sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I’ve been emulating games for many years and I’ve never bothered to dive into 2600 emulation, that’s probably a pretty good indication.

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I love the 2600 but most of the games listed don’t interest me, and they’re all common games. I would recommend playing the games on emulator first and seeing what you like to buy individually instead.

I’ve messaged him back and told him I’d like to pass. I can spend the money on an everdrive and get much more use out of it.

Yeah that’s true. Even if I really wanted to get into playing Atari games, it’s mostly the arcade stuff that would interest me. For that, the later model computers or MaME is the way to go.

Do you have the console? I would suggest you to get it, and to get the couple of games you really enjoy on the platform. Maybe in a less sorry state than cartridge only, that you could display proudly? But that’s up to you, I know not everybody feel as I do about manuals and boxes. Get these games, enjoy them as mother Nature intended, and think of what would be your next step, what other games you could want and in what state. Starting with a batch of cartridges isn’t a good idea imo, you can do that once you know what you really want to do with the console.

I don’t have one yet, but I’ve been thinking of getting one lately.

You’re right though, starting with a ton of carts isn’t really the right first step.

Good move. Most of those games are below average 2600 games and a couple of them would require a special controller to play. Only about 10 of them are worth playing.