Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Wow look at that thing… kinda cool


Am i right in thinking that’s a mini Amiga?


Looks like it, yeah! I really don’t know anything about it, other than what I see on the product page.

There’s tons of videos on youtube about it too, really cool. I also see there’s another FPGA computer I ran across that will run many different systems, called the Mist board.


Review of the classic Choplifter for the snazzy Mastersystem.

No choppers where hurt in the making of this video!


New camera from now on, so expect more sharpness, so finally you can appriciate my stunning man face :slight_smile:


One of my favorite games from my favorite system!

I really think this is the best version of Choplifter, but I did play it a lot on the arcade too.

I’m gonna have to play a bit of this tonight I think. Great video.


Congrats on the boob eye


Why thank you, though I think I pointed to the wrong eye…

Yer, I like the Mastersystem version the best, it just feels right…


When the Cold War blows hot terrible things happen, as review of the chlling Theatre Europe for the Commodore 64.


Choperlifter on the Master System was fantastic. As a kid I was obsessed with this.


Bit of shooting for the classic Neo Geo MVS…




Scoff eggs and try to not take any news too seriously :wink:


Wow, that is a blast from the past. Probably one for the most common formula one game boxes that I remember from the mid 90s. Funny how Microprose just vanished. I remember the Arcade, Aladdin’s Cave in Liverpool City center had a Microprose flight sim Arcade.
Nobody ever played it since the dedicated cabinet looked naff. The game also looked so out of place in an arcade full of Sega and Neo Geo games.


Yer, duno what happened to Microprose, quick Google shows merge after merge, so same story as many others… If it was Microprose back in the day you knew it was going to be good, box was going to be full of fun stuff… The manual for Grand Prix really is a treat… Never heard of them doing a Arcade game, thats pretty cool…


Best kart racing game ever? naaa


Not sure how long I can keep up the bonus show, but for now why not…

Review of Makai Prince Dorabocchan also know as Kid Dracula, its a average platformer, but the PC Engine sexy looks never fails to amaze me… I added a sexy music section while I check it out from all angles… I kinda thought that worked well :slight_smile:


Some classic arcade action with Paperboy.


Thanks for the Paperboy review. I was a big Atari Games arcade fan back in the day. The control in the Midway Arcade Treasures and Xbox Live releases is on the bad side in Paperboy. The Tengen releases on the Megadrive/Genesis are hit of miss. Looks like I need to snag a copy of Paperboy for the Genesis. :smiley::+1:


Yer, I thought as conversion go, its a pretty great version… Saying that it was years after the original arcade, so it should good :slight_smile: controller are not perfect, I got used to the pretty quickly