Back in Time YouTube Channel Official Thread


Hey, no problem. I actually have a very cool turntable the acts and opens like a CD Player :slight_smile: you can see it in action here.

Skip to 1:20 to see the player in action.
Since this thread is about Back in Time’s youtube videos I’ll post my record collection in a new thread over the weekend. I’ll make a YouTube video about it.


That looks so rad. What kind of turn table is that?

It looks like something Dieter Rams would’ve designed if he were born later in time. I’m really digging the look.


It’s a Sony from 1985. I’m in bed now so I’ll have to tell you the model number later on.


God I love 80’s Sony designs.


Wow, love that record player, just amazing… lovely sound on that video, really nice…


You should hear it in real life through my ELAC speakers. So smooth. Sadly youtube videos can’t recreate the sound plus your speakers are different but at least you can get an idea. Many people think records should be crackly but the truth is that a clean record on a good player is very quiet.


ELACs? :money_mouth_face:

I wish I could have affored ELACs when I built my home theater system. Super jelly! I have no doubt they sound amazing!


Which model do you have for Elac speakers? I heard great things about them.


I have the Elac Début B6. In Japan where I live these are really expensive at 70,000 yen, that’s 673 US dollars. Amazon link -エラック-…&qid=1476275183&sr=8-1&keywords=Elac+Debut+B6
I was lucky to get a deal on a pair that were used as display speakers (not used) in a glass case for 32,000 yen which is reasonable. They do sound fantastic and powerful enough not to require any subwoofer.


I’m looking at some hifi myself right now. Chasing that smooth vinyl sound you speak of. I started off thinking I was just going to invest 500 bucks in a record player and be done with it.


500 for a turntable is a good amount. I’d say it’s better to buy an 80s table though. You’ll get much more for your cash.


This week I am reviewing a game that really is special to me, this was one of these games I just loved as a kid, really really loved it…

Paradroid for the Commodore 64, hopes you like it…


Hey check these tweets I had today after todays show… :smiley:


With my new OSSC I can now capture my much loved Amiga…

So first review is for Cannon Fodder, has war ever been so much fun?


Man… I had a VIC-20, C64, Amiga 1000, and Amiga 1200 as a kid, and I no longer have any of those systems. i would love to get another Amiga now, but they are so pricey.


Yer had mine now for maybe 18 years… Sold my original back in the day but got another a few years later… Prices on then now is bonkers…

I went VIC-20, C64, ATARI-STFM, ATARI-STE then AMIGA 1200… I was dirty for a bit there in the middle :smiley:


What are the prices like for a 1200 in decent condition in Europe?


Unboxed about £100


That’s not bad at all! They sell for $300 - $400 CAD here, if you can find them.


Oh wow… after a bit of looking around, this might be the way to go…